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Car insurance for wider tyres

Written by John Davies

Posted on March 22, 2012

Information on what you need to know about wider tyres and your car insurance. Top considerations for finding the best insurance deals for wider tyres revealed.

Did you know that if you have wider tyres fitted on your vehicle you can also increase your car insurance premiums?

If you are considering fitting wider tyres, remember that changing to a wider tyre requires reducing the aspect ratio, which is the second number in the sequence of numbers that describes the tyre’s size.

Since there is more rubber in contact with road, wider tyres increase the frictional area and, therefore, the car has more force to either accelerate or brake. Additionally, some drivers consider wider tyres more aesthetic.

In contrast, wider wheels tend to be more expensive because there is less competition between brands and those who produce them sell it at higher prices. Car insurance could also be more expensive if your car has wider wheels, which is why it is important to compare prices online.

Many of our insurers on our standard insurance comparison service will cover cars with wider tyres, and many of those without asking for an additional premium. Run a quotation now. Some companies will give you a quotation including wider tyres, others may ask you to advise them when you visit their site, but any companies who just will not entertain cars which have wider tyres fitted will have been removed.

Compare car insurance for wider tyres vehicles

If your car insurance provider is asking you to pay an additional premium that you consider unreasonable, there are further alternatives to finding affordable car insurance that covers any car modifications you have put in place.

Find out what the different car insurance providers in the market are offering and compare quotes online. As you might realise, contracting a new car insurance policy from zero may actually be cheaper than paying for the ‘change in circumstances charge’ that your current insurer is asking you.

Some British drivers are better off paying for car insurance ‘cancelation fee’ with their current provider and start afresh instead.