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Inappropriate shoes put UK drivers at risk

Written by John Davies

Posted on March 20, 2012

A number of British motorists are not taking their responsibility as drivers seriously enough, as a new study has revealed that they are wearing shoes that might increase the risk of car accidents.

Driving with the wrong shoes is one of the top sins committed by UK motorists on the road. Figures from a recent study carried out by a comparison site found that four in ten female drivers admitted to having driven with high heels - with this percentage peaking to 50% among women aged 25-34 years old.

Other risky habits include wearing flip-flops and slippers, with almost half (47%) of female motorists aged 25 to 34 doing so. This percentage decreases to 40% for men aged between 18 and 24. Similarly, 25-34 year-old men (14%) and 18-24 year-old women (21%) are the UK groups most responsible for “slippers’ driving.”

Older Brits are, in contrast, the most sensible when it comes to driving with appropriate foot wear. According to figures, Brits aged 55 or over are the least likely to drive while wearing slippers or flip flops.

Additionally, the report states that 22% of men and 24% of women have even driven in bare feet.

Reducing risk

Researchers from this study advised UK drivers to improve their safety on the road and avoid possible accidents by keeping a pair of ‘driving shoes’ in their vehicles.

Aside from driving with the right shoes, ensuring that your car insurance policy is up to date is essential to be covered in every eventuality.

Many people ignore the fact that by performing car modifications -such as painted side stripes or magnetic and removable signs; your car insurance company might argue that your contract is no longer valid.

Therefore, drivers should let their insurance provider know about any potential changes to the vehicle and compare quotes online to find cheaper car insurance that covers modifications.