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Car insurance Allowing You to Drive Other Vehicles

Car Insurance with cover to drive other cars included. Whilst many Insurers have withdrawn this benefit we find those who will still allow you to drive other cars.

Car Insurance to drive other cars

In the past it was commonplace to be able to drive another car on a third party basis, remaining insured by your own car insurance policy.

Unfortunately this type of cover is disappearing from policies at a rapid rate, and most policies now bought through a comparison sites now exclude cover which allows you to hop into another car and pop it down to the garage, drive it while yours is off the road for minor repairs or allow you to drive a friends car home if the main user falls ill or is incapacitated.

It can be great for families who find they can use this cover rather than adding each other onto their own policies thus acting as good in case of emergency backup.

Its worth remembering though that cover only covers you on a third party basis - so the car you are driving will not be covered in case of an at fault accident.

So what policies stll allow you to drive other cars?

Aviva, a company who still offer very competitive premiums, but who do not compete on car hire comparison sites, work on the basis that a good number of people are prepared to pay a little more for a policy that will cover some of the nice to haves rather than just offering the minimum possible cover.

Quotes can be obtained through the Aviva website - where an online discount of 20% is offered (Aviva expect 32% of customers to receive the maximum saving)*.

Driving Other Cars (and Small Vans)

The Aviva policy offers the ability for policyholders with comprehensive car insurance to drive someone else's car on a third party basis They will cover policyholders (aged 25 and older) to drive another car not owned or hired by them.

Obviously the owner of the other car must give you permission, and its worth noting that only the policyholder and not any named drivers can use this benefit.

Your certificate of insurance must state that you are eligible for this benefit, so do check that as you purchase.

The Aviva definition of a car rather usefully includes vans up 3.5 tonnes.

So run a quote today - it only takes a few minutes, and get a policy that allows your flexibility rather than leaving you stuck at the side of the road.

  • Discount depends on individual circumstances and does not apply to optional extras. Minimum price applies.
    ** Only applies if the vehicle policyholder has Comprehensive cover, is aged 25 or over and the motor insurance certificate indicates that the vehicle policyholder can drive such a vehicle. The cover provided while driving other cars is Third Party only.

This content was last reviewed on 30/05/2018