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If my Interrent car breaks down do I get a replacement?

If I rent from Interrent must I buy their extended breakdown cover to get a replacement car.

I hear Interrent won't give me a replacement car if mine breaks down

We have heard from a number of our users that they are being told that they won't get a replacement vehicle from Interrent if they don't take extended breakdown cover offered at the desk.

This does rather appear to be a language barrier issue - it is in Spain that all cases to date have been reported - but users are clearly under the impression that they will just be abandoned by the company if they breakdown.

Extended breakdown insurance hirers appear to be interpreting the phrase "guarantees the supply of a replacement car" as may be stated in Interrent's terms and conditions as "you won't get a replacement car if you don't have this".

However our reading of the situation is a little different. Instead of not getting a replacement vehicle at all - we believe that without the extra breakdown cover you will need to return to the nearest rental station (normally in the tow truck sent to collect your vehicle) to pick up another car. This latter position is normally the way car hire firms operate.

If you are faced with this situation please do feel free to ask a few extra questions as that should soon clarify the position. Then you will be in a good position to decide whether you want to pay the extra or not.

Interrent offer varying levels of breakdown cover through their Relax/Super Relax/Mega Relax optional coverage.

What do the Interrent options cover?

These offer the following services to different levels. Basic breakdown covers damage to areas such as tyres but not the roadside assistance. Higher levels may include towing costs, some cover taxis. Please read terms and conditions carefully as countries may vary:

  1. Lost keys
  2. Keys left in the car
  3. Flat tyres
  4. Misfuelling
  5. Flat battery
  6. Running out of fuel
  7. Broken windows
  8. Rescue from unfit roads

If you have any of the scenarios, you should call Interrent for assistance. They will give instructions. How much you are charged for the cost of rescue will depend on the level of breakdown coverage you opted for.

What breakdown cover would I get if I had my own Excess Insurance Policy?

Standalone excess insurance policies such as those available from the MoneyMaxim Car Hire Insurance Comparison service generally include the following within their standard cover. (there are one of two who have exceptions which you will see when you run a quote):

1, 2, 3, 4 above.

Insurance4carhire also cover the flat battery, and you can buy optional battery cover from Questor Insurance.

Any call out charges in respect of accidental damage or vandalism (even if these are below the excess on the hired car, and couldn't be claimed back from the car hire firm).

You are not normally covered for any mechanical breakdown call outs as usually these are the responsibility of the car hire firm - they are obligated to provide you with a vehicles that works for the period you have hired it - so it's their issue if it fails mechanically.

If you are party to a conversation at an Interrent desk please do let us know the upshot - as always it's our user base who are our eyes and ears when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest from the front line!

If you still have queries you can always refer to our team here at MoneyMaxim.- we will be happy to help.

This content was last reviewed on 25/10/2021

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