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Dale Lovell

British Gas Increase Prices By 20%

British Gas price rises have left customers cool as they seek to keep bills down.

British Gas is the latest energy supplier to push prices up by almost 30%. The staggering amount will see household bills increase dramatically.

The average household's dual gas and electricity bill could now go up by a shocking £200.

Britain's biggest supplier of gas and electricity have confirmed rumours that they were increasing prices by putting up cost by 18% for gas which is an average of £121.

In a further shock announcement, electricity will also increase by 16% adding on average £71. This will all come into affect as of 18th of August 2011.

British Gas has become the second major energy supplier to announce the second general price increase within a year.

This will have a dramatic impact on families with low incomes and those already living in fuel poverty. As many middle classes are now falling into the pits of fuel poverty because of the rising cost of energy.

This price hike will leave many more feeling the cold shoulder of one of the UKs largest energy suppliers.

British Gas previously increased prices in December 2010 by 6.9% which is on average £43 for gas and 6.7% for electricity (£28). British Gas customers are now being hit again with a considerable price hike.

The last year of double price hikes occurred in 2008 when energy bills increased by a jaw dropping 41%.

The annual bill for British Gas customers will now increase from £1,096 to £1,288. The impact is potentially huge – the first round of hikes which only ended in March hit almost 28 million customers and added £630 million onto household energy bills.

The first energy suppliers of the ‘big six' Scottish Power announced they are increasing the cost of standard gas by 19% and electricity by 10%, adding an extra £175 to annual energy bills. The increased costs will come into effect later this year also.