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Andrew Carter

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Pound hits highest rate against the euro for the first time in 3 years

The euro is now being sold at the rate of 1.20 to the pound at leading foreign exchange outlets.

This is the first time the pound has been as strong against the euro for three and a half years. As a number of British tourists prepare for their summer holidays, the timing could not be better.

Figures show that British travellers will get 10% more for their money than a year ago.

The last time that the euro sold at 1.20 rates against the pound was on the November 4th 2008; since then it has dropped significantly.

Travelex is now selling at 1 euro and 20.8 cents while the Post Office is selling 1 euro and 20.7 cents for every pound.

Whilst many high street banks are offering lower rates, there are some specialist foreign exchange points which are selling them at the higher rate.

Speaking to the *BBC, *Chris Towner, from specialist foreign currency firm HiFX said:

"It is at very tempting levels, but sterling is still undervalued against the euro. It should reach 1 euro 27, or 1 euro 28, in the coming months.”

British holidaymakers heading to popular European destinations such as France, Spain, or Italy will enjoy the additional spending money.

Other currencies such as the Turkish lira, Croatian kuna and Bulgarian lev have also seen their value shrink against the pound, giving UK tourists more spending power this summer. As the pound is set to gain strength over the coming months, Brits will continue to enjoy getting more for their money overseas.

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