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Why Security Matters for Corporate Events

Whether your business puts on one or dozens of corporate events every year, security is important.

Whether your business puts on one or dozens of corporate events every year, security is important.

While you may not think it's an issue you need to spend much money (if any) on, the pitfalls of having poor or no security in place can be catastrophic.

Listed below are some of the main areas of security you should consider when it comes to staging corporate events.

  • Security of information

The leaking of private or confidential information can ruin corporate events. For example, your company might be about to launch a new product at an event for invited guests. How would you feel if the details were published in the media the day before?

Other information which you will want kept secure is where your delegates are staying, particularly if they are high profile business people. The last thing you want is for people to be followed or bothered by the press before attending your corporate event.

Even if your guests aren't VIPs, both they and you won't want things like dates of travel and home addresses getting into the wrong hands.

  • Delegate security

If there are VIPs or well known business people attending your corporate events, you'll want to make sure they arrive safely.

Having someone pick them up from the airport and possibly providing close protection will make them feel more secure when they arrive.

  • Equipment

At corporate events, equipment such as laptops, projectors, microphones and speakers are commonly used. If you're using an outside supplier, the security will be their responsibility. However, it's worth asking what security measures they have in place, as the last thing you want is to be left without any equipment when the day of your conference or product launch comes around.

If you're a larger organisation with your own equipment, make sure it's stored securely at all times and that measures are in place for when it's being transported from one place to another.

  • Venue security measures

Not every venue for corporate events will provide security. If you're staging a large conference for example, you'll want to make sure only invited delegates are in attendance, so you may need to get security staff to ensure this happens.

Corporate event safety is another important consideration. Things like double checking fire extinguishers and that all fire exits are clearly marked and unobstructed should be carried out in advance either by your or your event organisers.

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