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Never Buy Car Hire Excess Insurance at the Airport

Insurance is required for hired vehicles and is readily available from airports. So, why is it not advisable?

A number of people choose to hire a car whilst on holiday, giving them an easier and more convenient way to travel whilst away from home. Insurance is required for these vehicles and is readily available from airports, offering people an easy way to get cover for their hire car. So, why is it not advisable to obtain cover from airports? And what is car hire excess insurance?

What is car hire excess insurance?

Car hire insurance, like other forms of insurance, will require individuals to pay an insurance excess in the event that they make a claim. This can range from a couple of hundred pound to a thousand pound or more, meaning that drivers could be left with high costs should they be involved in an accident or suffer damage.

Car hire excess insurance is therefore designed to cover this payment and helps to protect from drivers for these costs.

Why shouldn't you purchase this insurance from an airport?

There are a number of reasons why you shouldn't purchase this type of insurance from the airport and the main one of these is that you will probably not get value for money. Insurance that is offered in places such as this is often considered as more convenient and that means that individuals may be paying a higher price without realising it. A number of insurers will offer this form of insurance and therefore it is always possible for you to get a better deal.

Comparing what is on offer prior to your trip is the best way to make sure you get the best level of cover for the best price, preventing you from making a rushed decision at the airport. Always compare what is on offer thoroughly and give yourself a sufficient amount of time to sort out your car hire insurance before you leave for your trip.

Always look into whether there are restrictions on the age of the driver or how many people can be included on the policy and match the insurance to your situation. Make sure you provide clear details about how long you need the cover for and where the vehicle will be driven.

Then consider the excess that is required with the policy and evaluate whether you need excess insurance. If you do then make sure you compare this as well, ensuring that you get the most extensive form of cover for the lowest possible price.