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Aviva Travel Insurance Review

Aviva Travel Insurance


Aviva look beyond basic cover when they provide Travel Insurance, and offer a range of additional benefits and upgrades - find out more through our product review.

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Travel insurance direct from Aviva comes with the potential of a 10% saving when you buy online*

With single trip travel insurance covering trips up to 120 days long, and annual policies insuring trips of up to 31 days whilst abroad (or in the UK provided you’ve pre-booked at least two consecutive nights accommodation).

If you require an annual policy offering longer trip lengths you can, depending on age, extend the trip length up to 45, 60 or 90 days.

Single trip travel insurance includes cover for:

  • Emergency medical expenses – up to £10 million.
  • Lost or stolen passport – up to £750.
  • Lost or stolen money – up to £500 overall and up to £400 for cash and bank notes.
  • Legal expenses – up to £50,000.
  • Charges incurred if you have to cancel or abandon your trip – up to £5,000 per person.
  • Kennel or cattery fees you’ve paid or have to pay if your trip is cancelled or abandoned - up to £250

If you’re going on a ski holiday or decide to play golf abroad, for an additional premium you can add winter sports insurance or golf cover.

The Aviva Travel Insurance policy caters for those wanting a single trip policy who are under 80 and do not have medical impairments, under 75 if they are looking for an annual policy. The company suggest those who are older or who need to cover a medical condition contact AllClear.

We would suggest that unless you are over 75 or have a significant medical condition you also consider companies covered on our pages for travel insurance for the older traveller or travel insurance covering pre-existing conditions - they may well be a lot cheaper than AllClear!

Where Aviva does excel is in its add ons to its basic policy - including the following:

Volcanic Ash Upgrade

Aviva launched a volcanic ash insurance upgrade shortly after the Icelandic eruption in 2010. They now cover it as part of their Airspace Closure Cover, so this policy covers a lot more than just volcanic ash issues (such as act of terrorism closing the airport).

The upgrade costs around £10 per person (no children's discounts) on an annual policy, or £5 per person on a single trip policy. It's slightly cheaper to buy online.

Be aware that the policy will not cover you if you knew, at the time of buying the insurance or booking the trip (whichever is later), that you would be unable to travel. This rules out buying the policy after an airport has already been closed. At some point during an incident Aviva are likely to class it as a 'known event' in any event and then will not cover claims from policyholders who bought their policies after that point. Contact Aviva before buying a policy if in any doubt.

Travel Disruption Upgrade

This is offered as an optional extra as Aviva believe that those on a package holiday may feel it's unnecessary given the additional protection these holidays offer.

Providing cover for cancellation or abandonment if specified events such as strike, severe snowfall, Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice and a pandemic mean you cannot travel or continue your trip. The protection will pay out up to £5,000.

The upgrade also offers cover for trip abandonment costs.providing cover if the scheduled public transport service on which you are booked to travel outside the UK is delayed or cancelled. This benefit of £25 for each full 12 hour period you are delayed, is paid up to a maximum of £250.

If you need to cancel your holiday you should always contact the provider to seek a refund of your costs or rearrangement of your booking - this means the tour operator/travel agent, airline, accommodation provider and car hire company, as well as any other pre-paid costs such as excursions.

*Discount does not apply to optional covers.

This content was last reviewed on 03/01/2019