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      Compare Car Hire and Car Hire Excess Insurance

      Compare Car Hire and Car Hire Excess Insurance

      Car Hire, Car Hire Insurance, Fair Fuel Calculators, Free Additional Driver Filters - we are experts in catch free car hire

      Save on Car Hire

      • We offer car rental with independent car hire excess insurance - combined packages are rarely found cheaper elsewhere
      • Avoid the Fuel Policy catch with our unique calculator
      • Additional Driver filter highlights extra driver inclusive deals
      • Use the UK's most innovative car hire search facility - designed for car renters wanting low cost hassle free car hire

      Find both car hire and car hire insurance simply using our unique service. If you have already arranged your car hire you can also search for just car hire insurance or alternatively just car hire if you already have an annual car hire insurance policy.

      We'll ask up to 50 car hire and 10 car hire insurance companies for the best deals around. No other site enables you to find as many options in just one search.

      We are always on the side of the consumer, and as new catches have been introduced by car rental firms on the look out to enhance their income we have developed new tools to keep our users one step ahead.

      Car Hire Excess Insurance

      We are experts in the field of car hire insurance, having developed the UK's only car hire insurance comparison service, and have become the No 1 destination for those searching for great value car hire insurance comparison. However many of our customers started using our site when searching for car hire as well, and we developed links with most of the major car hire search engines in the country.

      Our car hire service allows you to easily compare whether you would be better off buying an inclusive 'excess free' package from a company such as Auto Europe or Economy Car Hire, or whether you would be better arranging your car hire and then covering the excess using a stand alone package. In most cases we have seen that a separate purchase is more cost effective, and ensures fuller cover, but not in every situation, hence the design of our service.

      Just want car hire excess insurance? click through and we will be delighted to provide quotations from the countries leading car hire insurers.

      Fair Fuel Champions

      We hate the way some companies hide their true prices by having fees payable at the desk that you just can't avoid. Fuel fees are a prime example.

      Firms offer you a car but then insist you pre-purchase fuel, either at an inflated rate, and as commonly including a service charge you cannot get out of. Use our car hire fuel cost calculator to find out an estimation of the real hidden charge and then you are perfectly placed to use our car hire comparison service to find the best car hire deal.

      Free Additional Drivers

      Some companies offer free additional drives as standard, others package them into some rates. We extract them and then show prices at a glance - if you want a extra driver to be included in your car rental package a search with us will soon unearth a great deal.

      What's more all our excess insurance policies will include cover for additional named drivers between 21 and 84 automatically!

      Need help or unsure what insurance you need? Use our online chat or call on 0800 520 0699 - we are happy to assist.

      This content was last reviewed on 22/06/2015