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Gay Friendly Travel Insurance

Gay Friendly Travel Insurance

Travel Insurers, find travel insurance companies that welcome gay men and women, same sex couples and bi-sexual clients

It's so Easy
  • Niche privately owned Travel Insurer
  • Specific HIV policy
  • Exceptionally high levels of confidentiality
  • Wide range of Pre Existing Conditions covered


World First
  • 35 years as a Family Owned Insurance Business
  • In House UK Based Medical Screening team
  • First company to develop an HIV Travel Insurance policy


Insurers have over the years had some pretty damning press when it comes to offering a gay friendly service - so maybe its understandable that our list that compares gay friendly travel insurers is fairly short. Having said that we have found two companies that are positive about working with gay men and women, same sex couples, and bi sexual clients. They also pride themselves in getting great feedback from clients.

When considering companies for inclusion in our directory we looked for those who understood the concerns of gay men and women, ideally had a UK team to handle customers, and have had a significant history in providing great service.

It's So Easy Travel Insurance

Privately owned travel insurer who offers travel insurance, travel insurance for those with medical conditions, and a specialist policy for those with HIV. They have reassuring high levels of confidentiality built in at every step. The first two types of policy also cover disruption caused due to volcanic ash clouds.

World First

Family owned travel insurer with over 35 years experience who offer both standard travel insurance and also travel insurance for those with a wide range of medical conditions including HIV. Their Medical Screening is all carried out in house. They also have reassuring high levels of confidentiality. And, they cover claims resulting from travel disruption caused as a result of volcanic ash.

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