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Learner Driver Insurance

Compare Cheap Learner Driver Insurance

Compare Cheap Learner Driver Insurance quotations from over 30 Car Insurance brokers and Direct Insurers.

Annual policies for both parents with learners and learners with their own cars
  • Compares up to 30 leading provisional driver insurers
  • Policies for parents and / or learner drivers
  • Phone Backup on hand

Get cheaper young drivers provisional car insurance by having a tracker fitted

iKube Provisional Drivers Insurance 0844 346 0402
  • Comprehensive and TPFT options
  • Free tracker fitted to vehicle
  • Competitive quotations particularly for young drivers
  • No insurance premium increases on passing your test

Cooperative Young Drivers Insurance
  • Fit a 'pay how you drive' smartbox
  • Earn safe drivers discounts
  • Earn standard non claims discounts too
  • Track your driving style online and adapt it to save!

Short term provisional drivers cover - whether you own or are borrowing a car

Collingwood Learner Drivers Insurance
  • 28 days - 24 weeks policies (from 7 days on renewal)
  • Insure your own or someone else's car (as specified)
  • Fully Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft from just £1.49 per day

Short term provisional drivers cover - learning in a friends or family car

Day Insure Learner Drivers
  • 1 day to 5 month policies to insure friends or families car whilst learning
  • Aviva insurance from as little as £1.68 per day
  • Accompanying Drivers must be over 25 years old
  • Driving limited to 6am to 10pm to minimise premiums

Covered Learner Drivers
  • Insure a friends or families car whilst you learn
  • From as little as £1.86 a day (for a five month policy)
  • Covers vast majority of cars (up to £20,000 or group 29) and postcodes

Provisional Marmalade
  • For insuring a friends or families car whilst learning
  • From as little as £2.05 a day (and normally not much more)
  • Protects the no claims discount for the car owner

Finding Car Insurance for a learner licence holder or learner driver can be a fraught process. Many parents find that their own insurers are unwilling to cover their child whilst learning in the family car, meaning either new insurance or additional cover must be purchased. Those looking to buy separate insurance to cover a learner driver's own vehicle can find cover expensive, with an additional premium often being charged once they have passed their driving test.

We will help plot the way through the confusion, having a wide range of potential solutions to meet almost all learner driver insurance solutions. In all cases whilst we offer many policies through our car insurance panel we also look at other offers.

Learning to drive in a car owned by family or friends?

A great way to start, but extending the existing policyholder's own insurance policy to add a learner driver can sometimes be problematic as many insurers who focus on 'safe' drivers will not allow this. The other risk is that if the learner does have an accident an existing no claims bonus is at risk. Given the value of these many car owners prefer not to risk this, instead opting for an add-on policy, which provides comprehensive insurance for the learner only when they are driving.

Collingwood Short Term Learner Driver Insurance offers policies which cover those driving friends and families cars from as little as £1.49 a day. Policies can be taken out from 28 days to 24 weeks and then renewed for periods from 7 days to 24 weeks with the option of fully comprehensive or third party fire and theft cover. Your car must be valued under £20,000 and group 15 or below in the Collingwood Insurance Company Limited car group scale.

Another add on policy is the Aviva policy sold by Day Insure. This cover can be taken out for any period from one day to 5 months and costs from £1.68 a day. Restrictions include a bar on late night driving and that the accompanying drivers must be over 25, but its great especially for those who want cover over a weekend home from uni, or on the week of a test.

Other companies offering add on policies include Covered Learners Driver Insurance and Provisional Marmalade who provide cover for provisional drivers driving a car that is also insured elsewhere - perhaps a parent, relative or friend. Covered have policies running from £1.86 per day for a 5 month policy and both charge under £3 per day for a single month - which can be really competitive - the learners cover can be purchased by the month although note that whilst Provisional Marmalade will refund you for any unused months when the new driver passes their test, Covered do not.

Many insurance providers on the MoneyMaxim car insurance comparison service will also offer annual cover for learners as an additional driver with someone else being the main driver. Please be aware that most insurers believe the risks rise when a test has been passed and the newly qualified driver can drive on their own, so an in term additional premium may be requested at that stage.

Yet to buy a vehicle, but will be doing so and will learn in it?

The first point to note that when learning to drive one of the most influencing factors when it comes to calculating the premium is the insurance group the car is in. If you are buying a car make sure it's in a low insurance group. Check out insurance groups on the Association Of British Insurers Website but treat it as guidance only as different insurance providers use their own ratings! Test prices of different groups using our car insurance comparison service and buy running quotations with our other suggested companies.

Then continue to follow the section below 'I have my own vehicle'.

I have my own vehicle and want an annual policy

The advantage with buying an annual policy, which can be maintained once you have passed your test is that you start building your no claims bonus immediately. Additionally it means that should your premium rise on getting your full licence you will, at first only pay a proportion of increased premium until your annual policy expires. The downside is that with most companies you will face a premium increase on passing and try as hard as you might you won't be able to find out how much that increase might be until you call your insurer having passed your test. Other companies offer annual learner driver policies but do not cover you once you have passed. These policies end when you pass, though you normally get a refund for unused months.

The best way of getting a quote is to visit the MoneyMaxim car insurance comparison service - we offer insurance companies who focus on inexperienced drivers including Admiral, Bell, Diamond, Elephant, Quinn Direct and Endsleigh (who specialise in students and young professionals) as well others who specialise in women drivers. Remember most companies will increase premiums when the learner passes their test so you may wish to 'test' the market by running quotations as if the driver has already passed. Whilst this provides no guarantee as to what rates may be in the future it will at least give you a steer.

As well as our panel other specialist insurers in the learner driver market include:

The Co-operative Young Drivers policy is designed specifically for both learner and new drivers. This is a telematics based policy where a black box monitors your driving - how hard you accelerate, brake and corner, what time of day you drive, whether you stay within the speed limits and your average speeds on different types of roads. This is then used to calculate a Safer Driving Discount. Premiums may increase depending on the driving style.

iKube specialise in providing car insurance for drivers who can avoid driving through the dead of night - they install a tracker device in the car which monitors usage.This can be good if the car is never used at night as if it's ever on the road (even when driven by other family members). Between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. a penalty fee of £100 is levied. A charge is made for the installation of the tracking device, but for those who are facing high or unaffordable premiums this might be a good option. An additional plus point is that unlike most companies iKube offer policies which do not increase when provisional drivers pass their test. We find its best to talk this policy through with an advisor to really understand the benefits and rules that apply - give them a call on 0844 346 0402 for more information.

Coverbox are also quoted on the MoneyMaxim car insurance comparison service - they offer a tracker device free - but then follow the mileage of the car and charge on that basis - rates vary dependent on the time of day or night the vehicle is used - but those using their car during the day for a few miles can find it competitive for young drivers, and can also be good for those who will only be using the car in holiday periods whilst away at college or university. Be aware they only offer comprehensive policies.

Finally if there are a number of cars in the household you may find the Admiral Multicar attractive - they offer around a 10% discount when insuring 2 cars rising to around 23% for more cars, and seem to be very competitive when there are three or four. Admiral specialise in learner and newly qualified drivers. Their online quotation system also allows for different renewal dates on different cars so you can see the saving you can make over the coming months.

Do be aware that next year all the car insurance premiums will fall at the same time - which can not only be expensive but also the interest rate on Admirals monthly payment option is not particularly attractive. We recommend customers consider using an 'balance transfer facility' on a credit card (or better still a interest free purchase card, which you will need to apply for around a month before renewal to ensure you have it to hand on your car insurance renewal date), allowing the premium to be spread over a number of months at little or no cost. This might be worth considering.

Got your own vehicle and want a short term policy?

There are very few insurance providers who offer short term insurance for provisional drivers who own their own cars. This is a pity, as a surprising number of new drivers are gifted cars or have bought a car anticipating passing their test shortly and they do struggle to find cover.

Collingwood Short Term Learner Driver Insurance offers policies which will cover learner drivers own cars from just £1.49 a day. Policies can be taken out for as little as 28 days up to a maximum of 24 weeks with the option of fully comprehensive or third party fire and theft cover. You can renew for any period from 1 week to 24 weeks. Your car must be valued under £20,000 and group 15 or below in the Collingwood Insurance Company Limited car group scale.

Unusual situation?

Give us a call on 0800 520 0699, or 01183 218197 (option 3) and give your situation and we will get the combined experience of our team on your case - we normally find solutions!

Though the EU Gender Equality ruling means that insurance providers must give the same quote to males and females if all other details are the same, you may find our pages for young female drivers looking for learner driver insurance or young male drivers wanting provisional licence car insurance of interest.

If you come up with another insurer you think we should be shouting about - please let us know using the 'Contact Us' button at the foot of the page.

This information is based on journalistic investigation and research. It is not financial advice. Any information should be considered in regard to specific circumstances. Any suggestions followed up are done so at your own risk and your own research is key.

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