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Compare Student Insurance

Compare the Best Cheap Student Contents and Possessions Insurance

Student insurance which covers contents and possessions at university, halls or shared accommodation.

Insurers providing cover for students

  • Insures sums up to £14,000.
  • Some of the lowest excesses available for student insurance - from just £10.
  • Accidental damage can be added to the policy if desired.
  • "Walk in theft" covered as standard under policies.
  • Items available to add on as extras: laptops, mobile phones, bicycles, tuition fee, rent protection and legal fees.
  • Able to offer standalone cover to those who do not need the underlying possessions insurance.
  • Comprehensive cover for those who are studying abroad can be found through cover4insurance.


  • Cover value ranges from £2,000 to £10,000.
  • The excess is generally £25, but £50 for laptops and portable electronics.
  • Accidental damage cover can be added on.
  • Optional cover for gadgets, musical instruments, bicycles, room keys, tuition fees, coursework, rent and legal fees.
  • The more gadgets covered the bigger discount you can get, e.g. 15% saving for 3+ gadgets.


The Insurance Emporium
  • Contents cover up to £5,000 as standard for lunar monthly policies.
  • Pick 'N' Mix policies.
  • Excess for mobile phones from £25.
  • Optional cover: gadgets and mobile phone, valuables, bicycles, musical equipment, personal accident and assualt or mugging.
  • Buy online for best prices.


Welcome to the MoneyMaxim round up of 2017's student insurance policies!

When planning the big move to university, insurance is often well down the list of 'must do's' - but we believe its critical both for students and their parents that students not only cover themselves properly, but also that they find a policy that will suit the requirements of the life they are about to lead.

Unfortunately its a fact of life that theft rates are higher on a university campus or in student digs than they are in the parental home - and not surprisingly, given all the attractions that will be on offer, students do not always pay the highest attention to protecting themselves when living on their own for the first time. This is why student insurance is an essential to sort before you start the year.

Before you start searching for student contents and possessions insurance do make sure you not already covered though - many students can find they are already insured to a greater or lesser extent - either through the home insurance policy that covers their parents property or through a block policy organised by the university. Do read the small print though as cover is often limited to possessions whilst in the students room, and excludes high value items such as laptops and mobile phones.

If necessary you can extend cover through the existing provider (Endsleigh for instance can be reached via this link), or look for additional laptop or mobile insurance such as that available through the moneymaxim gadget insurance comparison service. For instance, Cheaper Gadget Insurance are just one of the companies on that website and offer a gadget policy that will provide up to £500 of cover for multiple gadgets from just £59.99.

If relying on a home policy do consider the following:

  • Any claim may impact the homeowner's no claims bonus
  • Excesses tend to be higher than many student insurers
  • Theft claims normally require entry to the property to be forcible - which in shared accommodation can be problematic to prove.

Independent Student Insurance


We're delighted to offer cover4insurance again this year. They proved exceedingly popular in 2015 and even more so in 2016, and are well worth investigation. With the sums insured up to £14,000 plus optional extras such as All Risks cover, laptop, bicycle and accidental damage, they offer tailored cover from a panel of insurers including Royal & Sun Alliance and Aviva.

Cover4insurance work with various universities and accommodation providers across the country, to provide a basic level of contents cover for students rooms. They do also offer campus and block halls insurance which can upgrade cover from the basic level of insurance included in your halls, to tailor the cover and cover you comprehensively. Visit our halls insurance guide to find out if your halls are covered by them. Cover4insurance provide insurance to students in halls of residence and private sector accommodation providers for up to 110,000 residents, visit cover4insurance to get a quote.

New features in 2016 included standalone options for those perhaps living at home and not needing the underlying possessions insurance. This is a great feature that allows students to purchase gadget cover or tuition fee cover, for example, on their own without taking out a possessions insurance policy, visit this cover4insurance page to purchase standalone options.

In 2017, this has been further improved with a gadget bundle being available. This package includes covering single or multiple gadgets on one policy, up to 45 days worldwide, and cover both theft or accidental damage. Visit cover4insurance to find out more.

Cover4insurance have also got cover for international students. This includes repatriation options and tuition fee cover of up to £20,000, making it ideal for those looking to study in a country which is different to that of their home country. Visit the cover4insurance international students page for more information on this policy.

They also run a dedicated phone line 0844 826 2044 (quote MAXI) for more complex insurance requirements or if you just want stand-alone cover for a bicycle.

Unlike most insurers, cover4insurance do cover "walk-in" theft as standard, so no lock on your room is required and no forcible entry into your room has to occur to be able to claim.

They also have the lowest standard excess that we have found at just £10.

Their policies can include vacation cover, tuition fee cover, £50 cash and £500 credit/debit card misuse cover, £1m legal liability, £30,000 legal expenses and even accidental death of a parent/guardian, see their website for full details and to obtain cover through their quick and easy quotation process in minutes.


Endsleigh, the NUS preferred brand, offer a comprehensive range of student insurance policies.

Headline Endsleigh rates start low, but then you have a series of optional extras so you will need to carry out a full quote before deciding if it's right for you.

Endsleigh work with 86% of universities and accommodation providers, providing a basic level of contents cover for your room. Check with your accommodation provider to see if they have arranged contents insurance for your room through Endsleigh, and if so you can extend your cover with one of their add-on student insurance bundles.

These include the following:

Gadget insurance, this protects things such as smartphones, tablets and laptops if they’re damaged or stolen. This type of policy is beneficial as it covers your gadgets when you’re out and about, and not just in your home.

Contents Insurance, this protects your possessions. Your landlord may have their own contents policy, but it’s worth checking whether this covers all of your possessions such as clothes, jewellery, cameras and other valuables.

Bicycle Insurance, it’s often possible to add cover for your bike onto an existing contents policy. However, if you want to cover just your bicycle because you rely on it for getting around, you can take out a stand-alone policy for just your bike. This will cover you if it is damaged or stolen.

Musical Instrument Insurance, it’s often possible to add an instrument to an existing policy. If you’d prefer to protect just your instrument, you can purchase a policy that will protect you if your instrument is stolen or accidentally damaged.

The Insurance Emporium Student Insurance

The niche insurer The Insurance Emporium (formerly known as E&L) offer a strong student possessions product. It has some nice features, particularly 'fees cover' in case of an accident.

New for 2017 is a number of elective benefits which you can opt into to include cover. Among The Insurance Emporium’s Elective Benefits, are:

Gadgets and Mobile Phones

A variety of gadgets can be covered included smartphones, laptops, cameras etc, this can help cover your gadgets from loss, theft and accidental damage while you’re on the go in the UK and for up to 45 days worldwide.

Rent Protection

Most students live away from home while studying and renting a room can be expensive. With the Rent Protection Elective Benefit, you could potentially be spared a hefty bill should you be forced to leave your rented property due to incapacity or illness.


This could help protect your valuables in the event of loss, theft or accidental damage, with sport equipment, TVs, jewellery, games consoles and many, many more items covered.

Musical Instruments

This not only insures instruments but also equipment, so if you enjoy DJing in your spare time, you may want to consider protecting yourself in case something goes wrong.

Customers are able to Pick 'N' Mix their policy to ensure it covers everything you need without having to take the bits you don't want! The Insurance Emporium do offer excesses from just £25 for mobile phones which could be something to consider.

Do tick the box for holiday cover if living in halls, it doesn't normally cost any more, however do note you're only covered for a maximum of 30 consecutive days during each holiday period.

Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble offer gadget, travel and bicycle insurance and are now offering 15% off these for students for a limited time! To make the most of this offer, and to find out more about the cover provided, please visit Protect Your Bubble.

Other Options

All the major banks offer student policies, and extensions from some home insurance policies are also available. Do note that your home insurance make have a much higher excess than specialist student insurance - insurers in this arena tell us they handle many very modest claims which could not be claimed for if a higher excess was in place.

Student Insurance Price Comparisons

A full comparison service is not available for student insurance - the products tend to be launched at short notice, and have a fairly short shelf life (the vast majority are bought before October), so before development is completed the customer demand would have fallen away. During the student 'season' the insurers often amend cover as well if they find product development is necessary, so we would suggest you to undertake personalised quotation with each company - it only takes a few minutes, and individual situations can be easily catered for.

Before you start though, identify the following as that will make the process simpler!

  • What is the value of your possessions you will keep in your room?
  • What PCs, laptops and mobile phones will you have and what is their individual value?
  • What items will you want all risks cover on - this means they will be covered when you are outside your home - so might include luggage, clothing you are wearing, jewellery, watches, sports, musical and photographic equipment and other items which you normally wear, or carry with you.
  • Do you want to have fee reimbursement cover in case of illness or accident?

Whilst there are more features individual insurers will present you with these will help you whizz through a few quotations in no time at all. Remember to read the policy documents fully as well so you do know what you will be covered for and what exclusions apply - every policy has them and its far better to know up front rather than find out when you are making a claim!

This content was last reviewed on 16/08/2017