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What we need you to agree to before proceeding
  1. That you will confirm the details with any broker or insurer, checking the car hire and any insurance policy to ensure it meets your needs
  2. Confirm you understand that car hire excess insurance policies must be taken out in the lead drivers name and might have specific terms and conditions which could affect eligibility
  3. Agree that you have read and are happy with our terms and conditions, privacy policy and initial disclosure document


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By proceeding I agree to confirm my details fully with any broker or insurer and to check any insurance policy carefully to ensure it meets my needs before purchasing it. I understand that policies may have specific terms and conditions which affect my eligibility.

I confirm that I have read, and agree to, the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and initial disclosure document.


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Mandatory Charges Included in our Prices

Our prices now include mandatory extra charges that apply to your rental. You will see them whenever you run a quote with MoneyMaxim.

Our prices include the following:

  • Young Drivers Fees
  • Unavoidable Fuel Surcharges
  • One Way Fees

Currently we are unable to include other potential fees as our car hire partners do not provide these. If, for example, you are an older driver (over 70) or are renting out of normal opening hours, extra fees may apply so please read the terms and conditions carefully.