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Breakdown Insurance with Immediate Cover

Travelling today? Want immediate cover in case of breakdown

Breakdown Cover that starts today. If you are going on an unexpected trip get a policy that will cover you immediately.

Breakdown Direct
  • Immediate Roadside Cover available
  • Policies from AXA
  • Prices from £29.95
  • Recovery, Home Recovery, and European options
  • Average Response time under 40 minutes (UK)
  • Get a quote via the MoneyMaxim Car Breakdown Comparison Service


The AA
  • Immediate Roadside Cover available
  • The UK's largest breakdown organisation.
  • 8 out of 10 cars fixed at the roadside
  • Repairs completed in under 30 mins on average
  • Someone rescued by the AA every 9 seconds
  • Defaqto 5 star service


  • Immediate Roadside Cover available
  • 92% of members would recommend RAC Rescue to their friends and family.
  • Patrols fix 4 out of 5 vehicles at the roadside.
  • More patrols per member than any other breakdown organisation.
  • Britain's most experienced provider with 120 years experience.
  • RAC can come to your rescue if you have an accident


In a hurry for breakdown insurance? Off on holiday tomorrow and it's slipped your mind? Bought a car and want assurance that you can get home safely? Use the MoneyMaxim guide to find the companies who will cover you fastest!

No company we have come across offers total cover immediately. I guess none of us would buy cover until the dreaded moment if we could just call up and get a mechanic out without having to be a member first, but the timescales from which cover starts does differ greatly between companies so be careful where you go.

We have detailed below some companies which do offer immediate cover - but do also consider whether you can wait - you can save a lot if you can - and, again, we have detailed below those cheaper policies with a longer qualification term - broadly the longer you are prepared to wait for the policy to come into force the cheaper the cover.

The AA and RAC will come to your assistance if you have already broken down, but both will need you to become a member and you will almost certainly be charged for that call out. All companies expect your car to be in working order and roadworthy at the time you take out their insurance.

The companies are ranked on the basis of the time that roadside assistance comes into force. Do remember though that, if you have broken down, some companies can also help you - but you will not benefit from the online rates we offer, and will almost certainly be charged for the callout today.

CompanyFull Cover Available FromRoadside Cover Available FromCost for UK roadside home and recoveryMore Info
Breakdown Direct24 hours after policy boughtImmediately£68.95Find out more...
Vehicle Policy
The AA24 hours after policy boughtImmediately£119.00Find out more...
Personal cover. Price does not apply if you've already broken down. Please call 0800 887766 in this situation, prices will almost certainly be higher.
The RAC24 hours after policy boughtImmediately£129.00Find out more...
Personal Cover Price does not apply if you've already broken down. Please call 0800 1977815 in this situation, prices will almost certainly be higher.
GEM Motoring Assist12.00 midnight the following day after purchase12.00 midnight the following day after purchase£85.16Find out more...
Individual Cover
Autonational12.00 midnight on day of purchase12.00 midnight on day of purchase£73.00Find out more...
Vehicle policy

This content was last reviewed on 07/11/2017