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Commercial Mortgages

Whether you're looking to buy your first commercial property to escape from the tyranny of landlords over rates and tenancy conditions, or re-mortgaging to get better rates or release equity MoneyMaxim can help.

Commercial Mortgages

What are the benefits of a Commercial Mortgage?

By owning your own building you:

  • will benefit from any increase in the property's value
  • have a capital asset
  • will be in control of any running maintenance and repairs
  • can use the building how you want to (within planning regulations)
  • have security of tenure
  • don't have to worry about upwards only rent reviews
  • won't be forced into expensive relocation when the lease ends

What about drawbacks?

Downsides can include:

  • you are fully responsible for the upkeep and insurance of the building
  • the building could depreciate in value
  • reduced flexibility, you are tied to the building until you sell potentially making business expansion (or contraction) harder to manage
  • some of your capital will be tied up in the building
  • failure to maintain repayments on the mortgage could result in the repossession of the building

Next Step?

The MoneyMaxim team has members with decades of experience dealing with commercial mortgages so please ask us for a quote using the button above and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

This content was last reviewed on 26/09/2023