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Bungee Jumping Travel Insurance

Bungee Jumping Travel Insurance - Compare your policy options

Bungee Jumping Travel Insurance, we compare policies covering accidents, medical emergencies and repatriation, loss of earning and personal accident.

JS Travel Insurance
  • Specialist Bungee Jumping Travel Insurance - use the link on this page to visit their specific page which adds the required level of cover automatically when you request a quote)
  • Can cover Pre existing Medical Conditions
  • No Personal Accident or Personal Liability Cover included
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies
JS Travel Insurance - Bungee jumping


  • Bungee jumping (with limits) along with over 100 other sports and activities can be covered
  • Up to £10k of cancellation cover
  • Annual and Single Trip Policies with no upper age limits
  • Travel specialists with over 20 years experience
InsureandGo Bungee jumping travel insurance


  • Bungee jumping (within organiser's guidelines), Bungee swoop (within organiser's guidelines), Bungee slingshot and Bungee trampolining all covered if the companies category 3 activity pack is added to your policy.
  • Medical, Hospital and Repatriation as well as Personal Accident and Personal Liability cover.
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies
CoverForYou bungee jumping travel insurance


Explorer Travel Insurance
  • Up to 2 bungee jumps are included as standard
  • Option to add additional activity packs to include cover for more sports
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies
  • No age limit on single trip policies
Explorer Travel insurance - bungee jumping


Voyager Plus Travel Insurance
  • Up to 3 bungee jumps are included as standard
  • Add their Action bolt-on if you wish to take part in more than 3 jumps
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies
  • No age limit on single trip policies
Voyager Plus Travel Insurance - bungee jump


Post Office
  • Bungee jumping optional in travel insurance policies with an added premium and limited to one jump only
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies
Post Office bungee jumping travel insurance


MoneyMaxim Life Insurance
  • Remember your Life Insurance or Income Protection may not cover bungee jumping
  • Make sure you are fully covered for bungee jumping
Moneymaxim Life insurance


Bungee jumping is an extreme sport and involves jumping from a large height relying on a large elastic cord that is attached to a large usually static object. Once the jump has been made the elastic cord continues to oscillate up and down until all of the energy has been dissipated. Bungee jumping can happen from buildings, bridges or even helicopters. It is very popular in the USA, Canada and New Zealand. Bungee jumping is extremely popular amongst backpackers. Although bungee jumping is a relatively new activity having only been around for 30 years it has evolved within that time from having only your ankles attached to the elastic cord to your body with a body harness. It is important to ensure that your insurance fully covers the whole bungee jumping experience as when you’re jumping from a great height the last thing you want to be worried about is your insurance policy!

It is also essential to ensure that all aspects of your trip are covered by your insurance policy, not just the bungee jumping, so always remember to read all the terms and conditions carefully. Some, for example, will only cover one jump so if you are brave enough to head to the top for a second go then make sure you have adequate cover. If you are unhappy with your policy you do have a 14 day cooling off period with any insurance policy you take out. If you don’t go bungee jumping every holiday it may be a good idea to look at a single trip or even single day or activity policy instead of an annual travel insurance policy.

What our Experts say

"Are you a thrillseeker? Many standard travel insurance policies will not cover more adventurous sports or activities. If you want to be able to bungee jump, or take a hot air balloon ride or just take part in a spontaneous activity that may be a little on the riskier side then opt for a travel insurance policy which includes or allows you to add on additional cover for more adventurous pastimes. That way you are more likely to be able to say yes!"

Sally Wilson Moneymaxim Insurance Expert

Listed below are a number of available insurance policies to cover bungee jumping, however it is recommended that you read the policy carefully to ensure that it covers all your requirements.

Bungee Jumping Travel Insurers


Bungee jumping cover is included by CoverForYou if their Level 3 sports and activities upgrade is purchased. The advantage of doing this is that then both Personal Accident or Personal Liability are included by the policy. Again you must ensure that you are acting within organiser’s guidelines at all times.

They also cover derivations of the original sport as buying this level of cover also means you are protected if you undertake a bungee swoop, slingshot or trampolining,

JS Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance specialises in sports and activities and offer bungee jumping within their travel insurance providing their Category B activity cover is taken (its automatically added if you click the link above) You must adequately supervised and wear the recommended safety equipment. Please be aware that with JS Travel Insurance there is no personal accident or personal liability cover.

Suffering from a pre-existing medical condition doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unable to get an insurance quote as JS Travel Insurance also specialise in this area, so enquire with them to see whether you can still be covered.

Post Office

The Post Office offers you the option of adding bungee jumping as a sport to your insurance policy. Be aware, this policy does limit you to a single jump, but is available on both single trip and annual policies.

Things to consider when bungee jumping

It is very important to check the safety records of any bungee jumping site before taking a jump and also get a professional to check all your equipment and prepare you for your jump. Injuries from bungee jumping can as small as cord burns and headaches but as serious as whiplash and haemorrhages.

Although there are apparent high risks involved with bungee jumping many of the jump sites around the world have extremely good safety records, due to the fail safe mechanisms introduced to protect jumpers.

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