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Canoeing Travel Insurance

Canoeing Travel Insurance

Canoeing Travel Insurance, we compare policies to cover you on against loss or damage for your trip.

  • Canoeing and Kayaking in calm waters covered as standard
  • White Water Rafting up to Grade 3 included in travel insurance policies as standard but no cover under Personal Accident or Personal Liability sections whilst undertaking this activity
  • Annual and Single Trip Policies with no upper age limit
  • Up to £10k cancellation cover


JS Travel Insurance
  • Specialist Canoeing Travel Insurance
  • Leisure canoeing and white water canoeing up to grade 3 rivers covered as standard
  • Grade 4, 5 and 6 rivers can be covered providing the relevant upgrade is added
  • No Personal Accident or Personal Liability Insurance whilst canoeing
  • Can cover pre existing Medical Conditions
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies


Voyager Plus Travel Insurance
  • Leisure canoeing and white water canoeing up to grade 3 rivers covered as standard
  • Grade 4, 5 and 6 rivers can be covered providing the relevant upgrade is added
  • Can cover many pre-existing medical conditions
  • No age limit on single trip policies


Explorer Travel Insurance
  • Canoeing on rivers included as standard. Whitewater canoeing up to grade 3 can be covered by paying an additional premium
  • Travel insurer covering a vast range of sports and activities
  • Backpacker policies available
  • Many pre-existing medical conditions covered


MoneyMaxim Life Insurance
  • Remember your Life Insurance or Income Protection may not cover canoeing
  • Get quotes for life insurance covering higher risk sports


Canoeing is an outdoor activity that involves the use of a canoe to get across water. The canoe is open from the bow to stern. Canoeing is popular over most areas of the world, especially in places such as Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and Finland. Canoeing can be completed without a professional present but if you are unsure of what to do it is always best to involve a professional. Although canoeing is not seen as a very dangerous sport it does come with risks and therefore it is essential to ensure your insurance covers canoeing before you take part.

As with all other insurance policies it is important to ensure that the insurance policy you have taken out covers all aspects of your travels, to ensure that this is the case with your policy it is important to fully read the terms and conditions. Don’t worry if you have just taken out a policy and it doesn’t cover everything you need, there is a 14 day cooling off period with all insurance policies. If you are canoeing as a one off, it may be more beneficial to look at single trip policies or even a single day policy.

Listed below are a number of policies who offer cover for canoeing but please do look at the policies carefully to ensure they do cover all of your requirements. Many only allow a low grade as standard and require an additional payment for more adventurous canoeing. It is important to ensure that the policy will cover the grade of canoeing you would like to take part in.

  • Grade One: Easy - moving water with slight regular waves and small meanders
  • Grade Two: Moderate - faster water, the rapids are more frequent, with occasional rocks and small stoppers, but there is always an obvious channel.
  • Grade Three: Harder - the pace is quicker, the waves are fairly big, rapids become more continuous and stoppers which can hold a boat firmly are present. Although an obvious path should still be clear it is essential to be able to move the kayak well.
  • Grade Four: Difficult - there are long and heavy rapids, with irregular waves. The stoppers are strong and powerful and there is no obvious route from the water and a bank inspection is normally necessary.
  • Grade Five: Extremely difficult - even longer rapids, with large drops and big waves. There are dangerous stoppers and rocks, this is a challenge to any ability of canoeist. Continual inspection and protection is often necessary. The danger risk is severely increased.
  • Grade Six: Limit of navigation - this is where a line down will only just exist and luck often plays a part; the risk to life is great. The day selected to complete these sort of canoes are essential.

Canoeing Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance offer a policy which covers canoeing up to level six as long as the activity is adequately supervised and the appropriate safety equipment is worn at all times. A quote can be obtained using the form on the JS Travel Insurance Canoeing page.

No personal accident or personal liability cover is offered whilst in a canoe.

If you have pre-existing medical condition it doesn’t mean that you are unable to gain insurance, as JS Travel Insurance specialise in this area.

Explorer Travel insurance

Can cover canoeing up to Grade 3 rivers by paying an additional premium to add on activity packs.

Voyager Plus Travel Insurance

Great coverage for the more experienced canoeists who want to take on the more adventurous river courses.

Other Things to Consider When Canoeing

Canoeing at any level and ability poses risks. It is important to ensure that you have dry and warm clothes to change into to avoid hypothermia. There is also a risk of drowning when canoeing, so being able to swim is essential. The most common injuries from canoeing are muscle strains, concussion and broken bones.

It is also essential to ensure the condition of the equipment is excellent to reduce the risks of injury. You should check that you are using the correct paddle for the type of water you are in.

Despite the seemingly large number of risks, canoeing in the correct conditions is considered safe.

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This content was last reviewed on 21/02/2024