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Downhill Mountain Biking Travel Insurance

Compare Cheap Downhill Mountain Biking Travel Insurance

Downhill Mountain Biking Travel Insurance, we compare policies covering accidents, medical emergencies and repatriation.

JS Travel Insurance
  • Specialist Downhill Mountain Biking Travel Insurance
  • Can cover Preexisting Medical Conditions
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies


Sportscover Direct
  • Sports and Activity Focused Travel Insurer
  • Activity Topup can be combined with current travel policy
  • Sports Accident insurance option


MoneyMaxim Life Insurance
  • Remember your Life Insurance or Income Protection may not cover downhill mountain biking
  • Call our team on 0118 321 8197 to cover your loved ones whilst on your break


Downhill Mountain biking is a big step up from BMX Biking or what might be termed as recreational mountain biking. This form of the sport, also known as Mechanical Lift Assisted Mountain Biking is a sport where participants skip the riding uphill bit of biking, instead using a ski lift or van to take them to a mountain summit or hill top, and then descend on trails to its foot. It is popular in many countries including Canada and the USA.

Daily, Short Term or Annual Policy?

If you are planning to take a two week mountain biking break, and maybe go skiing in the winter and have a weekend away at some other time of the year, getting an annual policy might seem the obvious choice. However when undertaking 'extreme' activities such as downhill mountain biking this can be an expensive way of getting cover, particularly if looking to buy a family policy and there is only one member of the family who will be biking and perhaps only for a few days of the holiday.

A typical quotation for an annual family European policy including cover for lift assisted mountain biking including winter sports can be around £500. For an individual policy for someone in their thirties it tends to vary from around £150 to £220. Now this might be good value if you are passionate followers of the sport making frequent trips. However, if it's only one person undertaking the activity for a couple of weeks, it's perfectly possible to get a standalone activity policy such as Activity Topup Insurance with Sportscover Direct for, perhaps, £80 to £100, and combine this with a standard winter sports inclusive annual travel insurance policy that is likely to cost between £40 and £100 for a family, even less for an individual.

On the other hand, if you pop over the to Alps on a regular basis, then an annual policy may well be the way forward.

If only one member of a family undertakes an extreme activity a standard policy for the rest of the family, and an individual policy for the downhill mountain biker may work out as a more reasonable option. Do be careful if you are declaring a medical condition for any member of the insured party though as cancellation may not be covered across other independent travel insurance policies if that person cannot travel due to a reason connected to the declared medical condition.

Topup Travel insurance for Downhill Mountain Biking

Sportscover Direct - Topup Downhill Mountain Biking Insurance from SportsCover Direct

Sportscover Direct 'ActivityTopUp'- allows their cover to be combined with another company's standard annual travel policy negating the need to duplicate insurance cover.

Single Trip and Annual Downhill Mountain Biking Insurance

JS Travel Insurance - Mountain Biking Insurance

JS Travel Insurance have many policies covering specialist activities - including most adventurous pastimes. The growing popularity in Downhill Mountain Biking means they are seeing increased interest in their policies. On entering their site click the Sports and Activities tab at the top of the screen and select Downhill Mountain Biking from the list.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition this need not preclude you from getting insurance, as JS specialise in this cover as well.

Sportscover Direct Sports Insurance

Sports Insurance from the renowned specialist sports insurer SportsCover Direct. They provide single day or annual multi trip cover for holidays world-wide and can include cover for extreme activities including downhill mountain biking. On entering their site type the word Downhill into the search box and select from the dropdown list.

Downhill Mountain Biking Insurance

Downhill Mountain Biking or Mechanical Lift Assisted Mountain Biking is a sport that originated in the Rockies overlooking the American West Coast

Normally those taking part wear special protective gear. Whilst there is no legal requirement to do so, any insurer expects that a policyholder ought to 'take reasonable care' which means they should be equipped appropriately.

Most policies cover non-competitive situations - if you are in any doubt as to the level of cover required or whether or not you will be insured, talk to your insurer.

As with any travel insurance it's really important that you are properly covered for what you are likely to be doing whilst away. This means that you do need to consider any other activities you might undertake whilst in the mountains, from Via Ferrata to Climbing or High Altitude Trekking. Please take a few minutes before applying for your insurance to consider your plans. Also do read the terms and conditions carefully (and certainly before your trip starts and within 14 days of buying your policy) as you have a cooling off period if you discover a gaping hole).

Ski resorts around the world are finding Downhill Mountain Biking is a great way to use their expensive lift facilities year round. Popular European locations include Scotland, France, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Wales and Switzerland, whilst further afield Australia and the US have great trails.

This content was last reviewed on 13/06/2022