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Car Gap Insurance

Compare Cheap Car Gap Insurance

Compare Car Gap Insurance and save up to 75% of the prices dealers charge. Find comprehensive Car Gap Insurance fast!

ALA Gap Insurance
  • Allow 120 days to make a claim
  • A 10% saving for MoneyMaxim users with discount code - MMALA10
  • Price match guarantee for comparable GAP insurance policies
  • 5 products rated 5 star with Defaqto, including 'Vehicle Replacement Plus' GAP insurance
  • Winner of the Highly Approved Trader award for excellent customer service as voted by Honest John readers


  • 4 levels of cover to suit your needs
  • RTI, VRI, Vehicle Finance Gap and Combined Total Loss Options
  • Policy durations up to 5 year policies available
  • Fast quotes in a few simple steps
  • 'Return to invoice' GAP insurance rated 3 star with Defaqto


  • 3 levels of cover to suit your wallet
  • RTI, RTV and VRI Options
  • £5 off for the first 700 new customers every week
  • Rated 2 star with Defaqto
  • Up to 75% Cheaper than going to a dealer!


Warranty Direct
  • Simple straightforward Gap Insurance
  • Pays difference between insurer's valuation and value when you purchased Car Value Protector.
  • GAP cover insurance rated 2 star with Defaqto
  • Speak direct with the insurers, with no agent when purchasing the policy and all claims dealt with in house
  • Warranty and breakdown recovery cover also an option


Gap Insurance is a product which allows purchasers to sleep easy in the knowledge that if their car is declared a total loss through accident, theft or vandalism, they will be reimbursed with a sufficient payout to replace their car with similar or better.

Visit Insure the Gap, Click4gap, Warranty Direct or ALA.co.uk for a competitive quotation now.

We would highly suggest you get quotes from all four companies to both enable you to check features and prices, in as full detail as possible.

Normal car insurance is designed to return your situation to the same position as it was the moment before any incident occurred, but many drivers feel that this is unlikely to enable them to continue motoring as they would wish to, so choose to purchase a Gap Insurance policy. Do check your car insurance policy fully though, especially if you are buying new as some insurers like Aviva include New Vehicle replacement as standard.

It also protects those who have bought a new or relatively new car on finance. When depreciation is likely to eat into the value of a car significantly in the early days, this would mean any loan taken out to purchase the vehicle is likely to be larger than the insurance payout. In this situation the driver could end up with a residual balance on their loan, and no deposit to buy a new vehicle leaving them with limited options to replace the vehicle.

There are a number of Gap Insurance products, covering different levels of cover, the main ones being:

Return to Invoice (RTI) Cover

If your insurer decides your car to be a "total loss" through theft, vandalism or accident, they will normally only pay the loss value - i.e. the value of your car on the date of loss, not the invoice price (purchase value when you bought the car or policy).

Return to Invoice Gap Insurance will pay the depreciation, meaning the difference between the invoice price (purchase value) and loss value of your car paid out by your insurer, allowing you to either buy a similar car to that you originally purchased or repay any loans and still have a deposit towards a new vehicle.

Return to Value (RTV) Cover

If you bought a car two years ago for £7000 your insurance company will take that into consideration when calculating your 'loss'. If the car that has been a declared a total loss is now four years old they will work from your original purchase price, deduct a sum for depreciation, wear and tear etc and offer you that. That may not be enough to enable you to buy another similar aged car with similar mileage etc, as car prices have risen in the meantime.

This type of Gap Insurance will look at the current market value of the car you had, and recompense you the difference between the amount the insurer has paid you, and the price you would have to pay for a similar vehicle.

Vehicle Replacement Insurance Gap (VRI)

If you bought a new vehicle, this insurance means you will be paid the difference between the amount your car insurer offers you and the cost of a similar new car.

Who offers Gap Insurance?

Two of the Gap Insurers featured on our site are Click4gap and Warranty Direct, both who are well established and offering the products mentioned above.

Also featured on this page is InsuretheGap.com. This is not the first time we have had a product offered by their parent company, Halo Insurance, on our site, as they feature as a competitive supplier of car hire excess insurance through icarhireinsurance, and have done for a number of years. InsuretheGap.com are specialist providers of comprehensive GAP insurance. They offer a range of products to suit your individual circumstances, whether you purchased your vehicle on a finance agreement or paid for it outright. Cover is available for vehicles up to the value of £150k, which is more than twice that of some other providers, and policy durations can be for up to 5 years with a maximum pay out of £50k. They are underwritten by MAPFRE, one of the largest underwriters of GAP insurance worldwide.

Another insurer featured is ALA.co.uk whose product is quite unique in the fact that you have the ability to claim up to 120 days after the incident itself, whereas other insurers offer up to 30 days. Also, as a MoneyMaxim user, you can save 10% when using the discount code MMALA10.

They are all well established, fully FCA authorised, and offer remarkable value, especially compared to the deals on offers from Car Dealers themselves - we regularly see saving of 50% or more over the Car Dealership quotations. Also to assist with your comparison further, we have included a few ratings from the well respected, Defaqto, who offer an independent review service based on feed back from consumers.

We suggest getting a quotation through all companies and deciding on the options you prefer.

This content was last reviewed on 24/04/2018

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