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Hose Riding Travel Insurance

Horse Riding Travel Insurance

Compare travel insurance policies for horse riding, horse trekking and other activities

JS Travel Insurance
  • A Travel Insurance Broker offering a range of Horse riding policies
  • Focused on horse riding as a leisure activity, covers riding and trekking
  • Can cover pre existing Medical Conditions
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies


  • Travel insurer offering great cover for sports as standard
  • Optional cover for more hazardous activities
  • Unlimited emergency medical expenses available on Black Level policies


Explorer Travel Insurance
  • Horse riding covered as standard
  • Travel insurer offering great cover for sports and activities
  • Backpacking policies available
  • Cover for cruises and wintersports


Voyager Plus Travel Insurance
  • Horse riding (with no competitions, racing, jumping and hunting) covered as standard.
  • Add their Action Plus option to include cover for horse jumping
  • Travel insurer offering cover for a wide range of sports and activities
  • No age limit on single trip policies


Horseriding Travel Insurance is required by a wide range of holidaymakers, and probably should be considered by many who don't! Whether you are planning to take a tailor made holiday designed around your passion for horses, or you have your eyes on a horse riding trip on the beach for a day, take a look at. horse riding travel insurance.

Either way, and as with any other activity on a holiday, it is really important that you make sure you are properly covered for horse riding on your break. If you are unfortunate enough to have a fall, be kicked or otherwise injured whilst riding, you will want to make sure that you can seek and pay for proper medical attention. If you were seriously injured this would extend to insuring you for the cost of being repatriated to the UK.

Do, though, read all the terms and conditions carefully (remember you have a cooling off period of 14 days with any insurance policy if you find you are not happy with the cover) - as some policies will not cover riding at all, some will cover horse or pony trekking, whilst others will cover horse jumping and riding competitively. Likewise if you do not ride horses on every holiday you go on through a year you may find a one off single trip policy may be a better option covering your horse riding trip separately rather than an all encompassing annual policy.

Horse Riding Travel Insurers

InsureandGo Travel Insurance

Under their standard policy conditions, you are covered for horse riding (but not jumping) as long as you are not taking part in a competition and there is cover for horse trekking under 3000m. There is no personal accident or personal liability with horse riding or trekking

If you add in the hazardous activity cover then you can take part in horse jumping but not polo or in a hunt. There is a medical excess of £100.

You must abide by safety rules at all times and be wearing the appropriate clothing and headgear.

Explorer Travel Insurance

Horse riding cover (with exclusions for jumping, hunting and polo) is available as standard. Explorer offer a backpacking policy so this could suit those on an extended holiday needing good cover for sports and activities. There is option to add on activity packs to give greater cover for more adventurous pursuits.

Voyager Plus Travel Insurance

Cover horseriding as standard (with some exclusions). They do offer cover for horse jumping if you pay the extra premium for their Action Plus bolt-on.

JS Travel Insurance - Horse riding Cover

JS Travel Insurance are experts in finding excellent cover for specialist areas - and in particular they love adventure sports. They are brokers and tend to have a wider range of policies on offer than approaching an insurer directly. We understand from the company that their horseriding policy is proving exceptionally popular, and will cover you for recreational riding, and activities such as horse riding on beaches or through parks and woods.

You would not be covered for personal accident or personal liability claims whilst on horseback, although any bills for medical expenses, hospital treatment of repatriation would be insured under the policy.

If you have a pre existing medical condition this need not preclude you from getting insurance, as JS also specialise in extending policies in this respect as well.

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This information is based on journalistic investigation and research. It is not financial advice. Any information should be considered in regard to specific circumstances. Any suggestions followed up are done so at your own risk and your own research is key.

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