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iPhone Insurance - Compare Prices with MoneyMaxim

iPhone Insurance can be found fast with us. We compare differing insurance policies to get the best insurance policy for your iPhone!

iPhone Insurance

Compare iPhone insurance from leading brands with Moneymaxim - let us help you find the right insurance for your iPhone.

Whether you have the iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 you want to make sure you are well covered, and can use your mobile with freedom, both in the UK and abroad.

What types of iPhone insurance are available?

Apple AppleCare+ - direct from Apple

When you buy a new iPhone, from either from Apple or or from an independent retailer you get Applecare. It protects you from manufacturing defects and also offers telephone support for 90 days.

Apple will also offer to upgrade this so that you are also covered for the theft or loss of your iPhone. If taken AppleCare+ will enhance the cover level for another year (so two years in total) and provide that telephone support through the cover period. Cover is limited to two cases of accidental damage, and excesses apply of £25 excess fee for a broken screen and £79 for anything else.

The technical support offered can be very handy as all phones are open to 'technical glitches and iPhones are no exception.

Batteries are also covered throughout the cover - so if you have added this protection it is a good idea to check your battery performance just before your cover expires.

Independent iPhone Insurance

This type of cover is provided by independent insurers and is tailored to iPhones owners. The features differ slightly from policy to policy, so its important to check the cover limits, exclusions and excess levels.

These policies cover most of the following:

The loss of your iPhone

If your iPhone is stolen or lost as a result of theft.

Accidental iPhone damage, when, for example, it is dropped or damaged in an accident. This would include screen damage or cracks.

If liquid damage occurs - say a cup of coffee is dropped on it, you drop your iPhone down the loo, or take it into the sea in your pocket.

Technical Issues covering mechanical problems with your iPhone once the standard guarantee has expired.

Accessories which were bought when you originally got your iPhone tend to be covered as well. Some policies even cover add-ons such as Apple watches and iPods.

Cover at home and abroad - loss, theft and damage will be covered overseas as well as in this country

Multi phone cover - often you can cover many phones that either you own or are owned within the same household (look for family cover), and receive a discount for doing so. In this case they don't normally all have to be iPhones.

E-Wallet protection covering you if someone accesses your w-wallet (applepay for example) and goes on a spending spree

Why would you buy iPhone insurance?

iPhones are expensive! They are also easy to damage - and although Apple have tried to make their phones more durable if it falls from your pocket and lands awkwardly it still can break.

When something goes wrong it always seems to come at an inconvenient time - so having insurance means you can rest easy that the financial hit will be minimised if something happens to your iPhone.

Why would you not want to buy iPhone insurance?

You make already be covered through your home insurance (although make sure how your no claims bonus is affected if you claim), or if you have a added benefit bank account you might find you have protection there. During the standard guarantee period that may will cover you perfectly adequately.

You might be subject to a policy exclusion so check any cover you are buying to reassure yourself that you will not be affected. These might include that your iPhone was secondhand when you bought it, was reconditioned, or bought outside the UK.

Most policies will require the iPhone to be new or nearly new.

Some policies will nor cover you if the phone is used for work - although we also compare business gadget insurance policies

The phone must be have been working prior to the incident and have a SIM card in it.

Any damage should be reported promptly as historic issues may not be covered.

There may also be a period once you have bought your policy of say 14 days during which time you are not protected.

What to do next

Whether you have the latest iPhone or one of the earlier models, we have iPhone policies you will be delighted with. Visit our chosen partners and you are on the fast track to finding insurance to protect your iPhone.

Please do check the terms and conditions of any insurance policy carefully before you purchase to ensure it meets your needs and that you are eligible to buy the policy.

This content was last reviewed on 27/03/2024