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Compare Cheap Limo Insurance

Limo Insurance from MoneyMaxim - find specialist limo insurance at a good price


If you own a limousine, whether or not you have a limousine business or not, it is important that you insure it. Limos need different insurance cover to cars, even if you are only using it for personal use, therefore it is vital to get expert advice.

Many insurance companies offer limousine insurance and different styles of limo can be insured. Whether a Stretch Hummer, Chrysler 300, Lincoln Town Car or a convertible limousine, we can help you find a great deal to suit your needs. The panel of insurers we work with have policies which cover a variety of needs, such as personal use, cab only cover or limousine fleet insurance.
Many limousine insurance policies are custom made, ensuring you have cover to suit exactly what you want. Rates are individual.

When starting your search for Limo Insurance it's well worthwhile taking time out to consider all the ways you are likely to use your Limo. If you don't, you run the risk of buying cover you don't really need or finding you are not covered for a risk that is required. Amending a policy to include extra cover later normally attracts administration charges.

Some of the features you can consider are: - How many people will be driving the limo? - How many limos do you want to insure? With some insurance companies you will get a discount if you insure multiple limos, ideal for fleet owners - How many passengers can fit in your limo? - Will you hire your limo out? If so, how often? - What is the limo worth? - How far will your limo drive? Have you thought about limited mileage insurance policies? - Will you require employers and public liability?

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This content was last reviewed on 19/11/2018