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Motorcycling Travel Insurance

Compare Cheap Motorcycling Travel Insurance Policies

We Compare Travel Insurance Policies for Motorbiking holidays. 125cc bikes & motorbike touring holidays both covered!

  • Travel Insurance for Motorcyclists
  • Covers bikers with any sized machine
  • No additional premium for larger bikes
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies


Post Office
  • Highly Competitive Bikers Travel Insurance
  • Covers bikes up 1500cc
  • No loading for motorcyclists
  • Annual, Single Trip, Extended Trip & Backpacking Policies


JS Insurance
  • Travel Insurance including cover for motorcycling
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies
  • Can cover pre-existing medical conditions


Taking your motorbike to Europe? Going on a motorcycling touring holiday? Want an insurer who will cover those riding motorbikes over 125cc? Just want motorcycling holiday insurance, European or Worldwide? We have travel insurance which will cover you!

One of the pleasures of having a motorbike is the lure of the open road and what better than a trip across Europe. Whether you are heading for the Alps, Pyrenees or Southern Croatia you do need to ensure you have travel insurance that will properly cover you - and that’s not as easy as it might seem.

The vast majority of travel insurance policies exclude cover if you are on a motorcycle larger than 125cc. And specialist motorcycling policies from some companies have limitations on motorbike engine size or continents which can be visited. They can also be a lot more expensive. However we have tracked down a number of mainstream insurers who are more open minded when it comes to motorcyclists and offer really competitive premiums as well. None of the following companies limit the size of your bike, or the countries you can visit (with the exception of the usual high risk destinations - Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar/Burma etc...)

Flexicover Travel Insurance

Flexicover, as their name suggests offer flexible cover for motorcyclists - including cover those riding motorcycles of any cubic capacity as long as the biker has an appropriate licence for the bike in question and wears a helmet.

And this can mean a big saving for riders of larger bikes - as most other insurers charge a loading or additional premium for those travelling on a motorcycle over 125cc (or refuse to cover them at all). We have seen customers charged £100 or more to cover their biking.

The Flexicover policy covers the insured for personal accident claims , but not personal liability claims whilst biking (although your normal motorbike insurance would normally cover you for your liability here).

Do bear in mind that travelling on a normal travel insurance policy which excludes accident or injury claims when you are on a motorcycle larger than 125cc is clearly very risky as even a no fault accident could mean massive hospital bills and repatriation costs.

In addition the company offer a 10% discount if you sign up to their newsletter before buying your policy - so do make sure you do that!

Post Office Travel Insurance

Post Office Travel Insurance covers those riding motorcycles up to a pretty hefty 1500cc - although they make it clear that they do not cover racing or competing (see the Post Office policy wording).

They offer five levels of cover from Super Economy to Premier Plus, all at very competitive rates and all including cover for bikers and their passengers (as long as they are an insured person).

The cheapest policy is a good option if you have say an annual policy with another provider, but you want cover for medical expenses whilst on your bike.

Once again the policy does not cover personal liability insurance, which your normal motor bike insurance should.

JS Insurance Motorcycle Travel Insurance

JS Insurance cover motorcycles up to and over 350cc, providing cover for you and your group whilst on your trip away. Additional premiums will be required for larger bikes.

Many accidents can occur whilst being on a bike so it is important to ensure your insurance covers you for all the activities you want to participate in to avoid being presented with a hefty bill.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, no need to worry, JS Insurance may very well still be able to insure you so explore this option before giving up!

Can I rent a motorbike?

Flexicover does not have any restrictions on the bikes you can ride - as long as you are licensed to ride the bike in the country in question.

So, whether you have a full-dress tourer such as a Yamaha Royal Star Venture, an adventure touring motorcycle like a BMW F800GS or a sport touring motorcycle such as a Honda VFR, you can travel in the knowledge that you have great quality travel insurance.

Where can I travel?

Both Flexicover and the Post Office offer both European and Worldwide policies and will cover your motorcycling trip anywhere as long as your licence is valid for the bike you are riding in the country you are visiting. You can also add cover for Winter Sports.

This content was last reviewed on 01/05/2019