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Motorcycling Travel Insurance

Motorcycling Travel Insurance Policies

We Compare Travel Insurance Policies for Motorbiking holidays. Cover Bikes of Any Size.

  • Travel Insurance for Motorcycles - no size restrictions
  • Covered as a standard activity under the activity 'Driving Motorised Vehicles'
  • Excludes Quadbikes
  • Excludes Motor Rallies or competitions
  • Rider must be licensed to drive the bike
  • Must wear a helmet
  • Covered for medical expenses, but not for personal accident or personal liability claims
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies


  • Travel Insurance for Motorcyclists
  • Include Activity Pack A for bikes up to 50cc
  • Include Activity Pack B for bikes up to 125cc
  • Include Activity Pack C for bikes over 125cc (must be aged over 25 and have full clean licence)
  • Excluding Quad biking and Motorcycle Touring
  • Covered for medical expenses, but not for personal accident or personal liability claims
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies


Explorer Travel Insurance
  • Some motorcycling cover is provided as standard (within the EU only,on road and provided you hold an appropriate UK licence for the capacity of motorbike you are riding)
  • Many pre-existing medical conditions covered
  • Covered for medical expenses, but not for personal liability claims. Travel accident is excluded if you are operating motorcycles with 125cc or larger engine capacity.
  • Single trip policies with no upper age limit


JS Insurance
  • Travel Insurance including cover for motorcycling
  • Select that you want to cover Sports and Activities, and then select the size of bike you are riding
  • Annual or Single Trip Policies
  • Can cover pre-existing medical conditions


Voyager Plus Travel Insurance
  • Travel Insurance including cover for motorcycling on roads (including touring) and provided you hold an appropriate full licence and are wearing a helmet. This standard cover has a maximum or 31 consecutive days in respect of touring trips.
  • Add on the Action Plus pack to extend the cover for touring trips to 62 consecutive days.
  • Action Plus pack will also cover off-road motorcycling for guided trips only for a maximum of 7 consecutive days. No racing or competing is covered.
  • Can cover pre-existing medical conditions


  • Travel Insurance including cover for motorcycling
  • No cover for personal accident or personal liability whilst motorcycling
  • Annual and Single Trip Policies with no upper age limit
  • Can cover pre-existing medical conditions


Want an insurer who will cover those riding motorbikes of any size? Just want motorcycling holiday insurance, European or Worldwide? We have travel insurance which will cover you!

Please note that most of the policies promoted on this page are designed for someone using their bike whilst on holiday, rather than someone who is going on a Motorcycling Touring holiday where the whole purpose of the holiday is to travel around countries on your bike. Voyager Plus Travel Insurance do, however, offer some cover for touring.

One of the pleasures of having a motorbike is the lure of the open road and what better than a trip across Europe. Whether you are heading for the Alps, Pyrenees or Southern Croatia you do need to ensure you have travel insurance that will properly cover you - and that’s not as easy as it might seem.

The vast majority of travel insurance policies exclude cover if you are on a motorcycle larger than 125cc. And specialist motorcycling policies from some companies have limitations on motorbike engine size or continents which can be visited. They can also be a lot more expensive. However we have tracked down a number of mainstream insurers who are more open minded when it comes to motorcyclists and offer really competitive premiums as well.

Most of the following companies do not limit the size of your bike, or the countries you can visit (with the exception of the usual high risk destinations - Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar/Burma etc...)

Do read all terms and conditions carefully as often there are exclusions or limitations to cover. You may also need to pay an additional premium to get the cover you want and sometimes there is an increase in the excess too.

CoverForYou Travel Insurance

CoverForYou Travel Insurance, covers motorbikes of any size, covering this in their standard sports and activities under the Driving Motorised Vehicles section They do not cover motor rallies and competitions, and the rider must be licensed to drive the relevant sized bike.

A helmet must be worn, even if its not required in the country you are riding in.

No cover for personal accident claims or personal liability claims.

Insurewithease Travel Insurance

Insurewithease allow policyholder to add the cover for the appropriate sized bike they are riding. You will need an appropriate licence for the bike you are riding and must wear a helmet both as a driver or passenger.

Medical expenses in the event of an accident would be covered subject to the policy terms and limitations.

The policy does not cover the insured for personal accident claims (which is a one-off lump sum benefit for death or very serious incapacity) or personal liability claims whilst biking (although your normal motorbike insurance would normally cover you for your liability here). Do check however that it is included if you are hiring a bike abroad.

JS Insurance Motorcycle Travel Insurance

JS Insurance cover motorcycles in a similar way to Insurewithease - offering three categories of cover depending on the bike size. Cover is provided free up to 50cc - with an additional premium being required for larger bikes.

Contact the company directly if you are planning to take the bike up to high altitude, as extra cover may be required.

Many accidents can occur whilst being on a bike so it is important to ensure your insurance covers you for all the activities you want to participate in to avoid being presented with a hefty bill.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, no need to worry, JS Insurance may very well still be able to insure you so explore this option before giving up!

Do bear in mind that travelling on a normal travel insurance policy which excludes accident or injury claims when you are on a motorcycle larger than 125cc is clearly very risky as even a no fault accident could mean massive hospital bills and repatriation costs if you did ride a larger bike.

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Can I insure myself if renting a motorbike on holiday?

Most insurers don't have any restrictions on whether it's an owned or rented bike you are riding - as long as you are licensed to ride the bike in the country in question and wear a helmet.

So, whether you have a full-dress tourer such as a Yamaha Royal Star Venture, an adventure touring motorcycle like a BMW F800GS or a sport touring motorcycle such as a Honda VFR, you can travel safe in the knowledge that you have great quality travel insurance.

Where can I travel?

Insurewithease, CoverForYou Travel Insurance and JS Insurance all offer both European and Worldwide policies and will cover your motorcycling trip anywhere as long as your licence is valid for the bike you are riding in the country you are visiting. Some companies will cover bikes of any size, although all will cover bikes up to125cc. You can also add cover for Winter Sports.

Please note that the majority of insurers will not cover you if you do not wear the required safety equipment as stated in their policy's terms and conditions nor if you do not have the required licence for the bike you are riding.

This content was last reviewed on 21/02/2024