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Pet Insurance - Compare Prices for your Cat, Dog or Rabbit with MoneyMaxim - You could pay just £3.35 per month*

Pet Insurance from MoneyMaxim

cat and dog

Let us help you find great value pet insurance through a panel of insurers, which quickly compares prices and features from insurers such as Animal Friends, Corinium Pet Insurance, Vetsmedicover, Helpucover, PetPalsDirect and Purely Pets. Pet Insurance with Holiday Cancellation benefits, Death Benefits or Boarding Fee cover are all available. Quickly identify the insurance that will suit your needs.

There are four basic types of pet insurance cover available: 'per condition with a time limit', 'per condition', 'per condition, per year' and 'lifetime'. It is always a good idea to compare like for like when you are looking for a pet insurance policy. Consider which basic type will suit your and your pets needs.

Most policies also offer a variety of other benefits related to your pet. These include Death Benefit which will cover the purchase cost of your pet; Holiday cancellation and curtailment if you have to cut a holiday short if your pet needs treatment and Boarding Fee cover for your pet if you go into hospital.

Per condition with a time limit

These policies provide a set fee limit and time period for treatment. For example, a policy offering a £2000 vet fee limit and a time limit of 12 months means that the policy would pay out up to £2000 for the cost of treatment of a condition and will only pay within 12 month time limit. In other words once either limit is reached, no further cover is given for the condition claimed for. Your pet could be in the middle of treatment when cover stops.

Per condition

These policies specify a maximum cost for treatment for a particular condition but don't apply a time limit for the length of treatment. So you may have a £2000 limit but that could last for 5 years. Once the maximum cost of £2000 is reached then cover for that condition will cease.


An annual lifetime policy will pay up to a specified amount towards vets fees each year - that is for all conditions. So, if you had a £5000 limit, you could claim £2000 for a road accident injury and £3000 on treatment for another condition. The fee limit will be refreshed if the policy is renewed. These policies are suitable for long term chronic conditions but as a result are more expensive.

Lifetime Per condition, per year

With this cover you have a limit per condition per year. If your cat had a thyroid condition for example, you may have a £2000 limit for that but a separate £2000 limit for dental treatment. Once the limit has been reached for that particular type of treatment then cover will cease but you could still claim for other conditions where the limit has not been reached. Provided you renew your policy, the veterinary fee limit is also renewed.

This service is operated on our behalf by Seopa Limited.

**Price per month for cover based on a cat aged 3 months with no known medical conditions, up to date vaccinations and microchipped would be £3.35 per month. The price for a dog aged 2 months with no medical conditions, up to date vaccinations and microchipped would be £3.35 per month. Based on quote data provided by Seopa Ltd during January 2024. The quote price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

This content was last reviewed on 20/05/2024