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Seasonaires Travel Insurance - Compare Prices with MoneyMaxim

When travelling abroad for a ski season, insurance is of critical importance. A Carte Neige won't cover you if you fall ill or need to return to the UK so find out more about affordable policies offering comprehensive insurance.

Seasonaire Travel Insurance

Whilst season-long ski insurance can easily be obtained through the MoneyMaxim travel insurance comparison service (get a quote via the green button above), many prefer to seek out more specific insurance cover from companies who specialise in longer stay wintersports cover. Below we detail a few of the companies we have come across, and the sample cost for a couple of European destinations.

MPI Brokers

The company have separate rates for different parts of Europe, and are particularly competitive in France. Their policy explicitly includes both search and rescue costs.

They cover most sorts of work you might undertake abroad and have a relatively quibble free statement covering activities:

"We are fully aware that young people travelling on a long stay or 'gap year' may undertake the occasional 'risky' activity. For the sake of clarity we have shown below what is and is not covered by this policy. The following activities are not covered: Wintersports or trekking above 6000 metres (unless you have paid the appropriate additional premium), scuba diving (unless accompanied by a qualified diving instructor, maximum depth 30 metres) mountaineering with ropes, potholing, hand gliding, parapenting, or travelling in an aircraft other than as a fare paying passenger, canyoning.

In addition there are specific exclusions relating to motorcycling and quad bikes"

This means you can do more with MPI than most other insurers within their 'standard definition'.

Ski Seasonaires has no days limit within the insured period and will cover skiing, snowboarding on or off piste (with or without a guide), local ski racing and skiing in snowparks.

Worldwide Insure

Worldwide Insure policies are designed for flexibility. They can be extended any number of times during your trip, offer options for residents from other EU countries, and will even cover non UK students looking to spend an extended period abroad. They offer a very basic policy which is great for those whose possessions are covered through their home insurance and two more comprehensive policies.

They cover those working abroad as long as 'manual labour' is not involved, and the company have confirmed work as bar or chalet staff is fine, and lift workers would be covered as long as the role was as an operator rather than as a repair worker.

As they have one pan European rate they can be very competitive in those countries which are more expensive for travel insurance, such as Spain and Switzerland.

British Mountaineering Council

This policy is designed for those looking to get involved in more extreme mountain activities. It does however come at a price, and if you are a boarder they will charge you extra! Covers all types of skiing including on-piste, off-piste, cross-country, touring, downhill, telemark, nordic, heli-skiing, ski-mountaineering and snowboarding (worldwide for an extra premium). Scottish Winter climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing. Search and Rescue cover included. All climbing in Europe and most peaks worldwide up to 6,500m. Only open to BMC members. Be aware though that manual work is excluded from cover.

You do need to be a BMC member to take up their cover which costs £33.95 p.a. (half price offer for first year if payment by direct debit).

Won't a GHIC or EHIC Card and a Carte Neige cover me?

The GHIC card (or EHIC card if yours is still valid) only gives a traveller access to the same standard of medical assistance offered to a citizen of the country you are visiting. It is not equivalent to private healthcare. We would not recommend either or the combination of both as adequate for a Brit overseas. The holes in the cover, such as repatriation costs in the case of illness (the Carte Neige covers only skiing accidents, and is really designed for French Nationals to top up their existing health cover) and liability insurance mean that whilst we think both have benefits they should be used in addition rather than instead of proper trip insurance.

Prices are as at

21 year old travelling to France for 5 months

CompanyPolicy InformationMedical CoverBaggage CoverPersonal LiabilityStandard ExcessPremiumMore Information
Worldwide InsureBudget Long Stay£5m£0£1m£150£183.50More Info
MPI BrokersLongstay Wintersports Standard£5m£2000£5m£250£243.13More Info
Worldwide InsureSuper Long Stay£10m£2000£2m£150£304.50More Info
BMCRock Policy Including Professional Cover £10m£2500£2m£95£560.40More Info
BMCRock Policy Excluding ProfessionalCover£10m£2500£2m£95£404.16More Info
Worldwide InsureEconomy Long Stay£5m£1000£1m£150£244.50More Info

28 year old travelling to Switzerland for 5 months

CompanyPolicy InformationMedical CoverBaggage CoverPersonal LiabilityStandard ExcessPremiumMore Information
Worldwide InsureBudget£5m£0£1m£150£183.50More Info
Worldwide InsureEconomy£5m£1000£1m£150£244.50More Info
Worldwide InsureSuper£10m£2000£2m£150£304.50More Info
MPI BrokersLongstay Wintersports Standard£5m£2000£5m£100£289.43More Info
BMCRock Policy Including Professional Cover£10m£2500£2m£95£560.40More Info
BMCRock Policy Excluding Professional Cover£10m£2500£2m£95£404.16More Info

Prices are as at 16/12/19. Please check company websites for latest information.

This information is based on journalistic investigation and research. It is not financial advice. Any information should be considered in regard to specific circumstances. Any suggestions followed up are done so at your own risk and your own research is key.

This content was last reviewed on 26/10/2021