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Compare the Best Cheap Student Broadband Deals

Student Broadband and Student Fibre Deals and Offers - review packages especially designed for students. Get a product that is designed for a year or less and avoid getting tied in to a costly package.

  • Student Broadband packages on offer from TalkTalk will be available Summer 2019
  • For the latest TalkTalk Broandband offers, visit their site below


  • No Student focused packages, but attractive for smaller households
  • 18 month contracts
  • Average Download Speeds up to 63Mbps available


Virgin Media
  • The latest Virgin Student Broadband offers will be available here from Summer 2019
  • Vivid 100 package and higher may suit households with many devices.
  • For all other Virgin products, visit there site below


BT Broadband for Students
  • Student focused packages
  • 9 month contracts
  • Average Download Speeds up to 67Mbps available
  • Often rewards for signing up


Find a Student Broadband or Fibre Deal Right for You

Please note, Student Broadband is a seasonal product and although we like to provide the latest product information and keep our customers as up to date as possible, we will have the best offers and deals for your Student Broadband in Summer 2019, so please come back then.

Broadband Providers have developed special products for Students - but depending on your circumstances you might find a standard offer is better for you. We compare the leading suppliers of both standard broadband and fibre optic packages allowing you to quickly identify the one best suited you your needs.

Compare Student Broadband Package

We list below the leading student broadband companies and discuss special products they have for students, or ones that might provide the flexibility students need.

We have listed the suppliers according to the cost over 12 months, but also display the cost for 9 and 24 month periods. This allows you to find the best package for your student home.

CompanyProductAverage SpeedSpecial OfferMonthly Cost9 Month Cost12 Month Cost24 Month CostContract LengthMore Info

What to consider before ordering a Student Broadband package

How long will you be in your student accommodation?

Most broadband packages have minimum contract terms. Generally the longer they are the cheaper they get - but it's really ideal to find one which allows you to walk away when you plan to leave the property.

We display above the costs over a variety of time periods - as, even if you are planning to stay in your property for only a year, it can be cheaper to get an 18 month contract. Do remember though, if you plan to go down that route, there will be a large bill to pay when you leave - so consider how you will fund that - otherwise the account holder could face a struggle in getting the last payment from housemates after they have left the property.

What download speed do I need?

It's worth an honest discussion here - if you are in a house full of gamers or high definition NetFlix fans you will clearly need more capacity than a home full of FaceBookers.

Whichever way you go, make sure you have unlimited bandwidth - the idea of being unable to send a critical essay as a housemate has swallowed your allowance downloading Game of Thrones is not worth thinking about!

When it comes to speed consider...

How many people are in your house?

A standard (non-fibre) package may well be perfectly fine in a house with up to three of you. As there is more competition in this market, prices tend to be the lowest - so you could be best off going down this route. If there are more than three of you, you will probably want a higher speed line.

Remember that the download speeds are average too - So at peak times (which may well be when you want to use the internet) speeds are likely to be slower - and at 6 a.m. faster!

What will you be using the internet for?

This is just like picking the right mobile phone package - if you are a heavy video or music streamer you will need more than if it's just web browsing you use the net for. For instance you need 2Mbps per device watching standard definition TV through BBC iPlayer (3 Mbps for HD).

What is best - Fibre Optic or Standard Broadband?

Fibre optic tends to be best for households with 4 or more in, or wanting really fast download speeds. This presupposes that fibre is an option in your house - it still isn't everywhere. This options tends to have better reliability.

Broadband, TV and Telephone Packages

All the main providers offer packages which include TV packages. Again worth a discussion as to whether you want to add this to your broadband or fibre agreement. Phones, given the popularity of mobiles, are less critical.

Wireless or Wired

No discussion here - wireless is a must have. Consider, though, whether you will also need booster units - which may be essential in larger homes, to reach every corner of the property.

Mobile Dongle or Tethering?

Once a mobile dongle was a great back up in case the broadband went down - however, now most mobile contracts allow tethering which is a great backup - so probably a mobile dongle is an unnecessary expense.

At the end of the day it's worth remembering that your broadband connection is likely to be one of the most important connections in your student house - so taking a little time out before you buy is always time well spent!

This content was last reviewed on 01/05/2019