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Compare Student Insurance

Compare the Best Specialist Student Contents and Possessions Insurance

Compare Student insurance policies which cover both contents and possessions whether at university, halls or shared accommodation. From under £5 a month

Insurers providing cover for students

  • Monthly payment facility available subject to minimum premium of £50 (select monthly instalments at payment stage)
  • Insures sums up to £14,000.
  • Some of the lowest excesses available for student insurance - from just £10.
  • Accidental damage can be added to the policy if desired.
  • "Walk in theft" covered as standard under policies.
  • Items available to add on as extras: laptops & mobile phones (no age limit for gadgets), bicycles, tuition fee, rent protection and legal fees.
  • Able to offer standalone cover to those who do not need the underlying possessions insurance.
  • Comprehensive cover for those who are studying abroad can be found through cover4insurance.
  • Dedicated phone line 0844 826 2044 (Quote MAXI)


Urban Jungle
  • Cover from just £5 a month
  • Accidental Damage included as standard
  • Tenants Liability Insurance included as standard
  • Policies provided through their standard home insurance


The Insurance Emporium
  • Contents cover up to £5,000 as standard for lunar monthly policies.
  • Pick 'N' Mix policies.
  • Excess for mobile phones from £25.
  • Optional cover: laptops, gadgets and mobile phone (up to three years old), personal belongings and valuables, bicycles, musical equipment, personal accident and assault or mugging.
  • Buy online for best prices.


Find Student Insurance that is right for you!

We are starting to prepare our 2024 Student Insurance content - but as policies are currently being updated ready for the new year this content is likely to be updated between now and July.

When planning the big move to university, insurance is often well down the must-do list - but we believe it's critical, both for students and their parents, that students not only cover themselves adequately, but also that they find a policy that will suit the requirements of the life they are about to lead.

Unfortunately it's a fact of life that theft rates are higher on university campuses or student digs. This is why student insurance is an essential to sort before you start at uni.

How to Compare Student Insurance

When comparing student insurance it may seem like the simplest option to go for the cheapest policy you can but insurance is no good if it doesn't do the job you want it to. Take a look at the table below and you can see there is a great deal of inconsistency between the level of cover offered.

Let's take a closer look...

CompanyProductPriceLevel of Contents CoverAccidental DamageWalk in TheftReplacement LocksCollege PropertyTenants Liability Insurance IncStandard ExcessMore Info
Cover4insuranceStudent Contents Insurance£200.38£4,000NoYesYesYes£5000£10Find out more...

Optional Cover Accidental Damage

The Insurance EmporiumStudent Insurance£261.56Up to £5000YesNoNoNo£0£50Find out more...

Optional Cover College Property, Tenants Liability, Replacement Locks/Keys 30% discount when purchased online

Urban JungleRenters Insurance£60.00Up to £10,000YesNoNoNo£5000£100Find out more...

Student policies are available through their standard home insurance

These prices (as at 18th July 2023) are based on a student living in Leeds who is looking to cover £4000 of contents as well as a laptop worth £2000 and a mobile phone valued at £750.

Level of Cover


You need to pick a level of contents cover that is adequate so make sure you really understand the value of your belongings. If you do not have sufficient cover you may not be able to claim.

Cover4Insurance - Allow you to choose a level up to £14,000. This flexibility allows you to pick the right amount without having to pay extra for cover you might not need. They offer settlement on a 'new for old' basis on all items except clothing, rented household goods and university property on loan.

Insurance Emporium - Maximum content cover level £5000. This offers a fairly low level of content cover so may not suit those looking to insure a higher value of belongings. Claims settlements are assessed on the price paid less depreciation, sum insured or market value whichever is less.

Urban Jungle - Levels available from £10,000 up to £50,000. The ability to cover a higher limit may particularly suit mature students or young professionals who have more items they need to cover. They offer 'new for old' settlement on everything except bikes, clothing, mobile phones and laptops.

Please be aware that single item limits may apply on all the above policies.

What our Experts say

"When buying Student Insurance it's really important to understand the cover you are getting. Some websites promote 'Student Contents Insurance' which is really a standard home contents policy, with none of the useful features that set specialist Student Insurance policies apart.

If you are living in shared accommodation 'Walk in' theft cover is really useful as otherwise you might not be insured if a house mate leaves the front door unlocked. A low excess is important as otherwise you can find a claim is just not worth the hassle if the excess eats significantly into the amount of the claim. Just a couple of options a tailored Student Insurance policy is likely to provide.

Mark Bower Moneymaxim Student Insurance Expert

Walk- In Theft

Cover4Insurance are the only insurer to offer this key area. The vast number of of thefts at university happen by chance and do not involve a break-in. Many students live in shared houses where there are no locks on the bedroom doors. Opportunists who may be visiting a housemate could nip away with your mobile phone while you are down in the kitchen making a sandwich. Most student insurers would expect your bedroom to be locked and there to be signs of forcible entry for you to be able to make a claim. The addition of walk-in theft to the Cover4Insurance policy makes their cover a very appealing option.

Student - Focused Options

Cover4Insurance policies come with walk-in theft, university property on loan and replacement locks and keys already included and Accidental Damage can be added. They also have a large number of optional covers including Accidental Damage, Course Fees and Rental Protection, Exam and Coursework cover, musical instruments, gadgets and bikes.

Insurance Emporium offer a 'Pick and Mix' system where you can add optional extras to your basic policy to build the cover you need. Add gadgets or mobile phones, personal belongings, bikes, college property on loan, tuition fees and other optional cover.

Urban Jungle is the cheapest basic option but it is not specifically designed for students so there is no option to add some more student-focussed additional cover. Bear in mind they will also not cover you if you live in a shared house with more than 6 people. They do, however, offer the option to include housemates under one policy.

Excess Level

Many claims on student insurance are relatively small. If there is a larger excess it can mean that there is no point in making a claim. For example, if you spill a cup of tea over your text books and need to replace them at a cost of £80, the higher excesses of £100 or £50 from Urban Jungle and Insurance Emporium may make you think twice.

The Basic Questions

Where will you be living?

At home your belongings could still be covered by the current home insurance. In halls there may be a halls block policy in place. Universities and colleges use different providers so cover levels do vary.

What level of cover do you need?

The level in the block policy may be too low for your needs. They can be topped up either with the same company or by taking out an additional policy. It is always worth comparing the cost of top up policies. You may find you can get a better deal with wider cover from a separate insurer rather than relying on your block halls policy.

Have you got any special items to cover?

Whether you have a bicycle, a musical instrument, sports equipment or gadgets such as tablets, phones or a laptop, you can tailor most policies to cover these items. Alternatively they can be protected under a standalone policy (see below).

Will you need 'Away from Home' cover?

If you are a sportsperson or play in a music band, or even if you just want to use the library, you might need to take an item out of your room such as a laptop, musical instrument or sports equipment. You may want to consider an option that covers your belongings when they are not in your room.

Compare Independent Student Insurance


Cover4insurance have developed a strong brand in the market through tailored cover from a panel of insurers including Royal & Sun Alliance and Aviva.

Plus points

  • Monthly payments available subject to a minimum £50 premium
  • Low excesses
  • Up to £14,000 possessions cover
    • 'Walk in Theft' included as standard
    • £5000 Tenants Liability included as standard

Optional benefits

Up to £10,000 of accidental damage to landlords property which is often much cheaper than similar cover offered by commercial landlords.

Provision to add standalone cover through their Essentials Insurance. Handy if you are living at home and just want to insure extra items.

If you are an international student you can add £5000 Repatriation cover should you suffer an illness or injury that requires you to be flown home.

The Insurance Emporium Student Insurance

The Insurance Emporium student possessions product allows you to build a policy to suit your own needs..

Plus points

  • Pick 'n' Mix options allows for individual tailoring of the policy
  • Discounts available online
  • Includes cover whilst in transit to and from your home address

Optional benefits

Unused tuition fees and rent if you are unable to continue your course due to your own or a relative's illness, Loss or theft of Keys/Swipe card and Musical Instruments.

Personal Accident including cover for clothing and spectacles if they are damaged as a result of an assault.

Protect library books or other university equipment with the College Property on Loan option.

Urban Jungle

Offers cover for those sharing accommodation while at university through their standard home insurance policy.

Plus Points

  • Can offer up to £50,000 of contents cover
  • Accidental Damage included as standard
  • Policies come with £5000 of Tenants Liability cover included
  • Can offer rolling monthly contracts

Optional Benefits

You can add Out of Home cover which can cover bikes and laptops when they are away from your student home. You can choose to reduce your excess level but this will impact your premiums.

Other Options

All the major banks offer student policies, and extensions from some home insurance policies are also available. Do note that your home insurance may have a much higher excess than specialist student insurance. Also bear in mind that claims for a student in their accommodation can also affect the future premiums of a home insurance policy.

Standalone Gadget Cover

Are you just looking to cover some of your computer equipment or high value items?

Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble offer gadget insurance - which does cover some of the more valuable items in a students room - with offers such as 3 items for £15.99 a month. They can provide worldwide cover.

Cover4insurance Gadget Insurance

Gadget insurance especially around the lives of students - Gadgets up to three years old too - which is an unusual feature - do use the replacement cost of the mobile or laptop when you declare how much it's worth though. Covers theft and accidental damage.

Whilst there are more features individual insurers will present you with, this guide will help you speed through a few quotations in no time at all. Remember to read the policy documents fully as well so you know what you will be covered for and what exclusions apply - every policy has them and it's far better to know up front rather than find out when you are making a claim!

This content was last reviewed on 09/04/2024