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Tanning Salon Insurance - Compare Prices with MoneyMaxim

Running a tanning salon can be a great experience but make sure your business is fully insured.

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Find specialist insurance for your tanning salon. Locate the cover you need and cut the potential losses your company would face should an incident happen.

We work with a wide panel of insurers all after your business, who will want to accommodate your needs. By asking for a quote you will not only get great quotations from a range of insurers and brokers, but also benefit from their vast knowledge of insuring tanning salons.

Click through above and add your details in the simple form to get fantastic value deals. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us and we will get on the case immediately.

Tanning Salon Insurance - Our Guide to Asking the Right Questions

When you are looking to insure your tanning salon you will be presented with a multitude of choices. Whilst most standard policies will cover you for your and your employees' protection and for your equipment and stock, it is also very much worth considering insurance against other risks including malicious fires, broken glass and flooding.

Here are some of the policies which are fairly essential for those with tanning salons.

  • Commercial Property Insurance - this insurance covers your inventory and building against fire, smoke and water damage. All that can prove costly without the correct protection! With the high value specialist equipment you're likely to have on your premises it's vital to have the appropriate cover to protect these items as otherwise you could be left with a rather costly bill!

  • Public Liability Insurance - protect yourself from lawsuits by getting a public liability insurance policy which will cover your business from any injuries that a third party may receive on your premises.

  • Product Liability Insurance - any shop would be sensible to purchase product liability insurance. You may sell tanning products for people to use at home. If this is the case, you will need to purchase this insurance to protect yourself against lawsuits from third parties which have used your products

  • Theft Protection - as you will be likely to have high value specialist equipment within your salon, it is important to protect yourself financially should you be the victim of a robbery. Get theft protection to make sure you have all the appropriate cover.

A few minutes thought before committing yourself to a tanning salon insurance policy can significantly reduce your stress levels at a later date should an incident occur, and you be left unsure as to whether you are fully insured or not.

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