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Young male driver with older male in car

Compare Cheap Provisional Car Insurance for Young Male Drivers

Compare insurance for young male provisional car insurance

Compare many standard insurers specialising in Young Male Provisional Drivers

  • Compares up to 30 leading provisional driver insurers
  • Policies for parents and / or learner drivers
  • Phone Backup on hand


Short Term Male Provisional Drivers Cover - whether you own or are borrowing a car

Collingwood Learner Drivers Insurance
  • 28 days - 24 weeks policies (from 7 days on renewal)
  • Insure your own or someone else's car (as specified)
  • Fully Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft from just over £1 per day


Day Insure Learner Drivers
  • One day to 5 month policies to insure your own or a friend or family member's car whilst learning
  • Accompanying Drivers must be over 25 years old
  • Covers ages 17-50


Young Male Provisional Drivers learning in a friend or families car?

Provisional Marmalade
  • For insuring a friend's or family's car whilst learning
  • From as little as £1.23 a day (and normally not much more)
  • Protects the no claims discount for the car owner


Covered Learner Drivers
  • Insure a friend's or family's car whilst you learn
  • From as little as £1.81 a day (for a five month policy)
  • Covers vast majority of postcodes and cars (up to £20,000 or group 29)


We now see much cheaper car insurance premiums for young male drivers. Driven by the introduction of the EC Gender Equality ruling (meaning insurers can't charge more purely on the basis of the policy holder's gender). Males now get the same insurance quote as females. This has led to lower premiums - we've seen quotes of under £420 for male 17 year olds wanting to learn to drive. In general, premiums are around 15% lower for males than previous to the Equality ruling.

How to find young male provisional drivers insurance at reasonable premiums

The MoneyMaxim Car Insurance Panel

Our Car Insurance Panel includes 30 companies who specialise in young drivers including young male provisional licence holders. Insurance companies who focus on inexperienced drivers include Admiral, Bell, Diamond, Elephant, Quinn Direct and Endsleigh (who specialise in students and young professionals). Remember most companies will increase premiums when the learner passes their test so you may wish to 'test' the market by running quotations as if the driver has already passed. Whilst this provides no guarantee as to what rates may be in the future, it will at least give you a steer. Especially for provisional drivers, we feature Collingwood who only offer provisional licence holders and learner drivers insurance.

Short Term Insurance for Young Male Provisional Drivers - own car

If you own your own vehicle but want to insure it for a short time try Collingwood Short Term Learner Drivers Insurance. You can buy a policy from 28 days to 24 weeks, and renew it by the week thereafter. It costs from just 72p per day.

Another alternative is Dayinsure. Their policies are provided through Aviva, one of the UK's leading insurers. With a 'low' excess of £250 they can provide very short term policies. Drivers aged between 17 and 50 can be covered by Dayinsure.

Young Male Provisional Driver wanting to use another driver's car?

Many young male drivers start their driving life practising in a car owned by someone else and this works well if the car owner's insurer is prepared to add the learner to the policy. However, many insurers now will not allow learners to be added and this also puts an existing no claims bonus in danger. As these are now of considerable value, given the recent rise in base premiums, many experienced drivers feel this risk is too great.

An alternative is to take up a secondary insurance policy which only comes into force when the learner is at the wheel. Some of the companies in this market are listed below, although which will be best for you will normally depend on your home address and how long you want the insurance for.

Collingwood Short Term Learner Drivers Insurance

As well as covering those who have their own vehicle (see above), those borrowing a car from a friend or family can also use a Collingwood Short Term Learner Drivers Insurance policy. It can be bought for periods from 28 days to 24 weeks, and renewed weekly or longer thereafter. Covers cars up to insurance group 15 and costs from just over 72p per day.

Aviva through Day Insure

An Aviva policy through DayInsure.com will insure a family or friend's car whilst the learner is practising. The policy will run from just one day up to a maximum of 5 months, and really comes to the fore if you are looking for cover over the odd weekend or perhaps the day of a test.

Very short term policies cost a bit more due to the administration costs of setting them up, but they still have competitive quotes. The company have restrictions which have been put in place to keep the policy premiums low - accompanying drivers need to be over 25, and the policy does not offer cover between midnight and 6am.

You can also find more information on our dedicated page covering the Day Insure Provisional Drivers policy.

Provisional Marmalade

Another broadly similar policy is that offered by Provisional Marmalade whose policies start at around £1.23 per day. Learner cover can be purchased by the month and if there are any unused (complete) months when the new driver passes their test a refund will be given. To qualify, the car used must have an insurance rating of ABI Group 32 or less, be less than 20 years old and be valued at less than £30,000. This maximum grouping covers the vast majority of family cars that are suitable for a learner driver to practise in.

Covered Learner Drivers

Covered Learner Drivers is another pretty similar scheme and, although they don't offer refunds when the learner passes, they tend to be cheap with a 5 month policy running from about £1.81 a day. They also, in our experience, cover a broader range of postcodes, so will be able to help those where others can't. They won't insure cars in insurance group 30 or more.

Also run a quotation through the MoneyMaxim Car Insurance Panel and look out for the Collingwood policy mentioned above. They are happy for the policy to be used as an add-on to protect the car owner's own no claims bonus.

Spreading the cost of a Male Young Drivers policy

Beware the interest charges for paying monthly! Rates vary massively - with some insurers charging an incredible interest rate of over 30%. If the best priced policy is one which charges a ridiculous interest rate consider applying for an interest free credit card - either to pay for the policy outright or to do a balance transfer if you have already paid for it on another card. See the MoneyMaxim guide to interest free credit cards for more details. The card applicant will need to be over 18 with a reasonable credit rating.

And finally....

If you need more help in finding young male drivers provisional car insurance please do call our customer service team - we are experienced in helping teenagers, those in their early twenties, or even more experienced learner drivers (and of course parents!) in finding affordable car insurance.

This content was last reviewed on 14/05/2024