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How do I claim on student insurance?

Our guide to making a claim on student insurance

At some stage you will be settled into your accommodation for the year and enjoying all that your university has to offer. Hopefully, this is a happy and successful year for everyone but we are aware that occasionally along the way there could be a blip. Should you be the victim of a theft or suffer damage to your belongings as a result of an accident, do you know how to claim?

During September and October, companies see a rise in claims for student insurance. This is often because it is the first time that young people are living away from home, and responsible for their own possessions and many are sharing a property with strangers.

Here are a few tips if you need to claim on your student insurance.

  • Check your policy for cover details - understand what you are able to claim for under your policy

  • Contact your insurer as soon as possible - they are there to help you

  • Be honest when explaining the circumstances - fraudulent claims are taken very seriously

  • Take photos of any damage - evidence will help with your claim

  • List any stolen items - ensure you have claimed for all missing items

  • Keep hold of receipts, bills for any work carried out or repair estimates - it may speed up your claim

  • Notify the police immediately if you are the victim of a theft or loss - a police report may be required

All companies want to be able to process your claim as speedily and efficiently as they can. There should be information on your policy documents about making a claim but otherwise contact details can be found online.

Cover4insurance have a 'How to Claim' section on their Block Halls Page for your university which will provide you with their claims helpline telephone number and also a claim form which you can print off, fill out and send.

Endsleigh have a green tab for existing policy holders at the top of their page. If you click on this you can select 'Report a Claim' and 'Gadget and Possessions Policies'. This will give you a claims telephone number and you can also fill out an online claim form.

E & L Insurance also have claim forms which can be printed off. Just click on the 'Claims' tab in the middle of the home page. There is a form to post to the address given along with any necessary documents.

When submitting a claim you will always need your policy number. This will be on your policy documents. It is always a good idea to keep a note of policy numbers elsewhere - at your home address for example - just in case the documents themselves are destroyed or go missing.

Do not be alarmed if your insurance company suggest they may send an agent or employee to your address. This is standard procedure and will help them process your claim.

Renewal prices do not always rise after you have made a claim but if there is a pattern or you make more than one claim for the same event, it is more likely that your premium will go up.

Student Insurance providers also see a rise in claims at the beginning of the summer. This is thought to be because windows are left open and young people tend to be out and about more. Be attentive when it come to your personal belongings and follow the guidance of your insurance company when it comes to the security of your home.

If you aren't sure if you have adequate cover or you need to include additional items to your current cover or to your block halls policy - maybe you have bought a new laptop or brought your guitar from home - then we can help you find student insurance to suit your requirements.

This content was last reviewed on 14/07/2017

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