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Fridge and Freezer Insurance

Appliance Insurance for Fridges and Freezers

Compare appliance insurance for fridges and freezers - cover these kitchen appliances against breakdown and accidental damage

Insurers providing fridge and freezer cover

Reactive Insurance Single Kitchen Appliance Cover
  • Cover for single kitchen appliances, such as fridges or freezers
  • Can be paid by customers in monthly instalments or through an annual premium
  • Provides cover against breakdown and accidental damage for any single kitchen appliance
  • All parts, labour and call out fees included
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week freephone number
  • Offers Total Kitchen Insurance for customers looking to insure multiple kitchen appliances under one policy, such as both their fridge and freezer


Smart Cover Insurance Fridge Freezer Cover
  • Fridge Freezer insurance cover
  • No excess fee after the first 45 days
  • Provides cover against breakdown and accidental damage for fridge freezers
  • Unlimited claims, call outs and technical support
  • UK-wide monitored engineer network
  • Quick claim resolution
  • Smart Cover Insurance can insure multiple appliances, customers are able to have numerous kitchen appliances covered against breakdown and accidental damage


Reactive Insurance Ultimate Appliance Cover
  • Ultimate appliance cover for multiple appliances
  • Can be paid in monthly instalments or through an annual premium
  • Provides cover against breakdown and accidental damage to home entertainment, home electrical and kitchen appliances all under one policy, including fridges and freezers
  • All parts, labour and call out fees included
  • 24 hour, 7 days a week freephone number
  • If you are looking to just cover multiple appliances within just the kitchen, Reactive Insurance offer Total Kitchen Insurance


A fridge is an essential part of any home. There is no alternative for storing your milk or other perishable food. If your fridge or freezer breaks down, you are left with no alternative but to replace or repair it – unless of course you have very understanding neighbours!

Home insurance policies may cover the cost of food which has perished as a result of the failure of a fridge or freezer but they do not cover repairing or replacing the appliance itself. It is all very well being able to afford to replace the lost food but if you have no fridge or freezer to put it into, then you are no better off.

As with many of today’s household appliances, fridges have become more elaborate - with some housing ice makers, temperature controlled zones and all manner of storage options. American fridge freezers are also popular with many families. Replacing or repairing these expensive devices can be very costly and time consuming.

Finding insurance for your fridge or freezer can give you peace of mind that you are covered should your appliance let you down. Manufacturers often only provide a guarantee for a year or two at the most. Most people aim to keep theirs for a lot longer, not wanting to purchase fridges and freezers that they will have to replace every two or three years.

Unless your fridge and freezer are combined into one appliance, you would often need to take out to separate insurance policies. Many insurers, however, have multiple appliance policies, specifically for numerous kitchen appliances or targeted toward appliances all over the home. Should you have a number of appliances either within the kitchen, or around the home you may want to consider one of these policies.

Reactive Insurance

Reactive Insurance has a single kitchen appliance insurance policy to cover items such as fridges and freezers. The policy includes all parts, labour and call out fees, and a 24 hour, 7 days a week freephone number is available to customers for all queries you may have. Reactive Insurance's single kitchen appliance cover will protect against breakdown or accidental damage to your fridge and freezer after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

This company also have a Total Kitchen Insurance policy, this would allow you to be able to insure multiple kitchen appliances, including, but not exclusively, fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers, all under a single cover.

Smart Cover Insurance

Smart Cover Insurance offer fridge and freezer insurance cover. This policy is for fridge and freezer appliance for which the manufacturers warranty has expired, this cover would then protect against breakdown or accidental damage to the goods. The fridge and freezer insurance only requires customers to pay an excess charge on claims within the first 45 days of the policy, following this there is no excess.

Multiple appliances can be insured by Smart Cover Insurance through separate policies, this allows customers to have a number of their kitchen appliances insured by the same company.

This content was last reviewed on 13/04/2023