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Compare Travel Insurers That Offer Group Policies

Club together with your friends and get group travel insurance that can cover you all for your next adventure

Standard Insurers providing great cover for sports and activities

Columbus Direct
  • Travel insurer who can quote for groups of up to 8 people online
  • Group do not need to be related so could cover a team business trip
  • Optional cover for Ski and Wintersports


  • Can cover up to ten travellers. At least one traveller must be an adult.
  • Travellers in the group do not need to be related
  • Cover for over 100 sports and activities including some more extreme sports


  • Can cover up to ten travellers in a group.
  • Have optional Adventure Sports and Hazardous Activities add-on
  • You can add on cover for skiing and snowboarding


Insurers specialising in medical conditions cover

Avanti Travel Insurance
  • Online they can cover up to 9 people in a group
  • Specialists in over 50s Travel Insurance
  • Wide range of pre-existing medical conditions covered, some at no extra charge.


Good to Go Travel Insurance
  • Cover groups between 2 and 10 people
  • Specialist insurance for medical conditions
  • Policies include cover for Covid 19


All Clear Travel
  • Can cover between 2 and 10 people of any age
  • Those in the group do not need to be related
  • Can cover almost any pre-existing medical condition


Insurers who can cover larger groups

Staysure Travel Insurance
  • Can cover a group up to 10 people online
  • Covid-19 cover included
  • Most pre-existing medical conditions considered


MPI Brokers
  • Up to 10 people in a group when booking online
  • Individuals do not need to live at the same address
  • Can discuss options for school or larger group trips and may be able to offer a discount


If you are planning a trip away with a group of friends, you could consider a group travel insurance policy and save time

We have found a number of travel insurers who can cover more than one person under the same policy - including those who are not related!

We also suggest you use our Travel Insurance comparison service - many insurers are happy to cater for groups but we have picked out some of the insurers that we know can help with group travel insurance.

But now let's take a closer look at the advantages of a group travel insurance policy.

Group Travel Policies

  • You fill out all the details of your trip for the whole group in one go. This can save so much time! It also means that you all have access to the policy details in the event you need to contact the insurer. If you purchase cover separately then you each need to make sure you keep your own paperwork safe and others may not be able to help if you need to contact the insurer.

  • By taking out the same travel insurance policy for all of you, you will all be covered for the same activities. No one will miss out because theirs excludes camel trekking for example. There is nothing worse than having to be the one who sits out an activity because you have no insurance whilst the others are all having a great time.

  • If one person has a medical emergency meaning the trip has to be cut short, you will all have the same level of cover. Curtailment for example will offer cover up to the policy limit should you need to return home early. There may be just one of you who has a pre-existing illness but, if the rest of you do not have a policy which takes this into consideration, then the individual may have to travel home alone (or stay behind if they are hospitalized) should they become unwell.

  • If you opt for an annual policy you may all be covered for travelling separately too. That means that if a few of you decide to take another trip together - or take individual holidays - during the policy year, you could use the same policy. Usually children are not covered to travel separately.

With many of these travel insurers you can run a quote for a standard single trip or annual policy and, when prompted, select group or enter the number of people in your party that you wish to cover.

Most insurers will expect you all to be UK residents and, if you are purchasing a single trip policy, to be travelling together.

Please read all terms and conditions carefully before purchasing a policy.

Even though there is usually cover for medical emergencies provided within the policies we would still recommend ensuring that you all have a valid GHIC card if you are travelling within the EU, Switzerland or Norway.

This content was last reviewed on 17/01/2024