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Learner Driver Insurance

Our Learner Driver Insurance Partners

Read more about our providers of Learner Driver Insurance and find out how to run a comparison.

Short and long term provisional licence holder insurance - whether you own or are borrowing a car

MyFirstUK Learner Driver Insurance
  • Short and long term policies available
  • Available for drivers from 17 years old
  • Insure your own or someone else's car (as specified)


Short term provisional drivers cover - whether you own or are borrowing a car

Collingwood Learner Drivers Insurance
  • 28 days - 12 months policies (from 7 days on renewal)
  • Insure your own or someone else's car (as specified)
  • Fully Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft only


Short term provisional drivers cover - learning in a friends or family car

Day Insure Learner Drivers
  • 1 day to 5 month policies to insure a friend's or family car whilst learning
  • Aviva insurance from as little under £2 per day
  • Accompanying Drivers must be over 25 years old and under 75
  • Driving limited to 6am to 10pm if you are not the registered keeper to minimise premiums


Covered Learner Drivers
  • Insure a friend's or family car whilst you learn
  • From as little as £1.56 a day (for a five month policy)
  • Covers vast majority of cars (up to £20,000 or group 29) and postcodes


Provisional Marmalade
  • For insuring a friends or families car whilst learning
  • From as little as £1.87 a day (and normally not much more)
  • Protects the no claims discount for the car owner


Our short term learner driver insurance service

Our comparison service for learner driver policies caters for most of those wanting a short term provisional driver policy. However there are occasions when we are unable to quote.

This might, for example, be because the car you are looking to insure is not on the insurer's database or has only been recently registered.

If this is the case, we suggest you visit the insurers to the left individually, as they may well be able to help. Do, though, read the terms and conditions carefully as they all have criteria both you and your vehicle will need to meet. You will also need to make sure that any accompanying drivers also meet the requirements for the insurance to be valid.

This content was last reviewed on 16/10/2023