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How to find the best rates for Life Insurance if you are an Ex Smoker

As a former smoker it's really important to consider all your life insurance options before choosing a policy. We can put you in touch with experts who know which policies are more likely to provide ex smokers like you the best cover at a price you can afford.

Life Insurance for Ex Smokers

Can I get life insurance as an ex smoker?

There are many different insurance companies who can offer policies at reasonable rates to former smokers - so it's well worth understanding what your options are before you decide on a policy.

Our service makes this process a whole lot easier. Explore your options with us - for life insurance, mortgage protection, critical illness cover or income protection. Our expert partners are experienced in finding policies to suit your requirements as an ex smoker and in knowing the benefits of different companies.

Simply click the green button above and enter just a few details to get your search started.

How can giving up smoking affect your life insurance premiums?

Smokers tend to pay a higher premium than non smokers because it is known that medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure are more likely to be diagnosed when you are a smoker.

With a greater occurrence of serious illness in smokers insurance companies face higher risks through an increase in the amount of claims. This results in higher premiums.

By giving up smoking you are reducing your risk of major disease and therefore the cost of your life insurance is likely to be reduced.

Why comparing life insurance is important for ex smokers?

Whilst stopping smoking is an excellent way to improve your health and reduce your risk of cancer, there is always a risk for anyone of unexpected illness or death and having precautions in place can make life easier for your loved ones in the future

Our service can help with policies to cover

  • Paying off the mortgage

  • Meeting monthly mortgage or rental costs

  • Paying for extra childcare costs

  • Covering funeral costs

Who is deemed to be a non smoker by life insurance companies?

You may read online that some insurers will consider you a non-smoker after a year but the fact is that there is no standard and all insurers are likely to ask you if you have ever smoked. If you are a non smoker now, they will still want to know when you gave up.

This is where our Life Insurance service comes into its own. A number of insurers may not consider you a non-smoker unless it has been 5 or more years since your last cigarette. Our experts will take your individual details and know what companies are likely to be able to offer you the right policy at a reasonable price.

Will my age still affect premiums even if I give up smoking?

The risk of medical conditions increases for everyone as we age and even more so with smokers. The sooner you quit smoking, the sooner you are likely to see the benefits of lower premiums - along with better general health!

By having a conversation with our experts they can search through a wide array of insurers knowing that your age will be a factor in which type of policy is more suitable for you.

Are you over 50? Some policies offer guaranteed acceptance, but it's really important to be aware of the details of these types of policy - some can penalise you if you make a claim just after purchasing.

Will my Life Insurance premiums be affected if my partner smokes?

If you are applying for Life Insurance just for yourself then your premiums will be calculated using just the information you have provided.

If you are buying a joint policy then, despite you being an ex-smoker or a non-smoker, you could still see higher premiums due to the fact that your partner is a smoker.

We can help you find a great value Life Insurance or Protection quotation now you are an ex smoker!

Our comparison service is so easy to use. You are under no obligation when you ask us to review your life insurance options. Just fill out our quick online form by clicking the button above and we will get our panel of experts on the case. It's as simple as that.

Our team will be delighted to arrange a callback to talk through what you are looking for. Let us help you get covered today.

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Our expert partner is LifeSearch who have been helping people as one of the UK's largest life assurance brokers for the last 25 years. They can find the right cover for you from a range of companies including AIG, Aviva, British Friendly, Legal & General, LV=, Royal London,The Exeter, Vitality, Scottish Widows,Guardian, National Friendly, Cirencester, Shepherds Friendly, Holloway and Zurich. They are, like MoneyMaxim, regulated and authorised by the FCA, and offer a guarantee to give you the most competitive premium possible fee free and with no obligation.

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This content was last reviewed on 02/05/2023