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Review Your Life Insurance

Have you checked that your mortgage protection or critical illness cover are still the best options for you?

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When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance?

Reviewing your life cover – whether that’s Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance or Critical Illness Cover – could mean finding better protection for your current circumstances at a better price. Our life cover partners, Lifesearch, are experts in tailoring cover to how your life is now. With the most appropriate life insurance policy in place, you are protecting not just your future but also the future of those most precious to you.

Every year most people review their car insurance or their home insurance to make sure they still have the cover they need at the best price but the same cannot be said for life cover. It’s safe to say that for many of us, we take it out when we need to – often that’s when buying a property – and then it’s filed away.

But life, as they say, is a rollercoaster and rarely stays the same - so the cover you took out 5 years ago may not fit your life today. Products also change and there may be options that are available to you now that didn’t exist when you last considered which life insurance to go with.

You may have had children since you took out your last policy, or you or a loved one may have been diagnosed with a health issue. A change in occupation is another reason why your current life cover may not be the most suitable. Life changes and your life insurance should change with you.

If you need critical Illness protection it is a good idea to review your cover often. Many life insurance providers change their policies and the types of conditions they can cover. With medical advancements, some illnesses which previously could not be insured, are being added. So, if you live with a medical condition that is not covered by your existing policy, please do get in touch.

With new and enhanced policies on the market, by reviewing your life cover, you could really reap the benefits. From medical conditions to hazardous occupations, from house moves to the patter of tiny feet we and our life insurance partners, Lifesearch, are here to help you through the ups and downs of life.

This content was last reviewed on 03/04/2024