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Life Insurance for Skydivers

Are you an extreme sports enthusiast looking for life insurance? We want to help you in your search for life insurance that will cover you when you are a skydiver or parachutist.


Life Insurance and Skydiving

Whilst there are many safety precautions taken before anyone attempts to skydive, BASE jump or parachute, as with any extreme sport there are risks involved and these can result in life threatening injuries.

Skydiving and traditional parachuting usually involve jumping out of an aircraft whereas BASE jumping is parachuting from a fixed object such as a skyscraper, bridge or a cliff. When you take on a dangerous hobby or occupation like these which involve falling from a great height then it becomes more vital to consider ways in which you can ensure that your loved ones are looked after should you have an accident. By having a conversation with our life insurance partners you can understand how a policy can help you and your family feel protected.

Can I get Life Insurance if I Skydive or Parachute?

Life Insurance is available to those who take part in extreme sports but, due to the risks involved, you are likely to see the premiums loaded and there may be some exclusions to the policy. Talk to our expert partners and they can explain just what kind of life insurance is available to you and how you can adjust the cover to fit your needs. Through a discussion with those who have a wider knowledge of the life insurance industry you can feel reassured that you have the protection you require.

This service from our partners comes fee free and with no obligation to buy. Our partners are experienced in finding policies for those with high-risk hobbies and occupations and know which companies can provide policies adequate for your needs. Speaking to the experts can save you so much time by directing you straight to those life insurance companies that can help skydivers and parachutists.

Simply click on the green button at the top of the page, enter just a couple of details and your search can begin.

How much Skydiving Life Insurance will I need?

Think about what you would need to cover should you not be around. Do you have a mortgage left to pay on your property? Do you have school fees? Would your partner have enough income to live off should you die?

Life cover can not only help with a mortgage or rent but also living expenses, childcare costs and pay the expenses of your funeral. It can also make sure your debts are paid off or enable money to be put towards an inheritance. These are all options which can be discussed with our life insurance experts.

How can Skydiving affect my Life Insurance premiums and is there a way to reduce the cost of my life cover?

The cost of your Life Insurance is based on more than just your hobby or your occupation. Your age, your health and whether you smoke will all affect how your premiums are calculated. Keeping fit and giving up smoking can help and generally the younger you take out life insurance, the less you will pay.

Comparing Life Insurance options is important as quotes and premiums can vary hugely depending on what kind of skydiving or parachuting you take part in.

  • How many times a year do you jump?

  • Where does the skydiving take place? Is it in the UK or abroad?

  • From what heights do you jump?

  • What kind of jumping is it? BASE Jumping? Tandem skydiving?

  • Do you take part in competitions?

The cost of your life insurance will also be affected by the amount of cover you need and whether you want to include critical illness or income protection.

A one-off skydive or parachute jump is unlikely to affect your life insurance premiums but, should you carry out jumps on a more regular basis, then having a chat with specialists in life insurance such as our experts would be worth your while.

How could you benefit from talking to our expert Life Insurance partners?

There is so much to consider when it comes to Life Insurance particularly when you take part in something like an extreme sport which could impact the cost of your policy. By talking it through with those who have expert knowledge you can work out how you can get the cover you want at the most competitive price.

From the level of cover you need, to the type of plan you want and discussing further cover options such as Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection, our partners can look after all your life insurance needs

The advice from our partners comes with no obligation to purchase and no fees

Our Life Insurance service is quick and easy to use. Just click on the link below and fill out our quick online form and we will get our panel of experts in touch with you straight away.

Our team will be happy to arrange a callback to discuss your Life Insurance cover.

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LifeSearch. our partner, are one of the UK's largest life assurance brokers. They have expertise in providing cover from a range of companies including AIG, Aviva, British Friendly, Legal & General, LV=, Royal London, The Exeter, Vitality, Scottish Widows, National Friendly, Shepherds Friendly, Cirencester, Holloway, Guardian and Zurich. Like MoneyMaxim, they are regulated and authorised by the FCA, and offer a guarantee to give you the right life insurance cover at a competitive premium. This comes fee free and with no obligation.

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This content was last reviewed on 19/06/2023