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1.2 Million Drive Under the Influence of Drugs

10 June 2011

1.2 million have been found to be driving under the influence of drugs creating risks to motorists, passengers and pedestrians.

1.3 million Drivers Parked up for good because of Rising Cost of Motoring

7 July 2011

Drivers are giving up on driving as motoring costs rise

1 in 5 Drivers Are Approached by Personal Injury Companies

30 June 2011

1 in 5 drivers have been approached by personal injury lawyers, according to a price comparison website.

16% of Brits drive without insurance

15 March 2012

A shocking proportion of British motorists, one in six, take to the roads with no car insurance in place. This represents a high risk for all car users.

Travel in comfort this Easter holiday - Rent a 9 seater car or minivan

9 March 2016

Renting a 9 seater car has more benefits for you and your travelling companions than you may think

A third of UK drivers can’t pay for insurance excess

12 March 2012

29% of British motorists admitted in a recent survey that they won't be able to afford car insurance excess if required by their provider.

ABI propose new rules for young drivers to cut premiums by 20%

7 March 2013

ABI propose radical changes to learner and newly qualified drivers to reduce accidents. Would they work or are they simply removing 17 year olds from the roads?

Adjusting Your Radio? – Be Careful its a Major Cause of Car Crashes

18 April 2011

Men are twice as likely to crash their cars, figures show, as they are more easily distracted by kissing or adjusting the car radio while driving.

Admiral start loading premiums for speed awareness courses

19 November 2012

Admiral Group have started treating attendance at a speed awareness course as if you have a speeding conviction but do you have to tell them?

Air filters and car insurance

26 March 2012

Every vehicle needs air filters to work properly, but a few drivers still do not value the importance of having good filters in their car.

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