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Do savings balances affect your quality of life?

5 September 2011

Having a healthy savings balance is not necessarily a guarantee of having the best quality of life in the UK. New survey reveals how these two conditions are st

Brits don't consider inflation when saving money

29 September 2011

British savers that have been keeping money aside may have lost about £2,500 in the last decade due to inflation differences.

Brits wary of lack of transparency regarding their savings

10 October 2011

Only 3% of Brits feel their banks are totally clear with them about what happens to their savings once they are deposited.

Brits could be too reliant on credit cards and loans in times of trouble

2 September 2011

Independent Financial Advisors (IFA) suggested that more and more of their clients are turning to emergency savings, credit cards and loans.

Credit Unions – replacing the banks for day to day saving and borrowing?

20 November 2014

Saving and borrowing through a Credit Union not only benefits your local community, but can mean lower interest rates on loans and higher returns for savers.

Day Out Declining as Brits Struggle with Costs

30 August 2011

Fewer people are now taking day-trips due to the rising costs for the whole family to take a trip.

Financially Conscious Brits Opt for Common Sacrifices

31 August 2011

Many people within Britain are now looking to boost their savings by cutting back on their spending, compare the cost of you utilities to save today.

Around half Brits have less than £1,000 in savings

4 October 2011

New figures reveal the dreadful reality of the state of household finances for many British families. Research uncover the best and worst savers

Household Bill and paying the mortgage are the main reasons Brits withdraw from savings

16 August 2011

British people withdraw from their savings for very different reasons. The key point centres around whether or not you have a mortgage as those without that ver

Santander to be fined over bad advice?

15 February 2013

Having suspended advised sales of financial investments in December and potentially facing fines for bad advice under old weaker rules, are Santander quitting?

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