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Sarah Rice

Sarah is our insurance specialist, reporting the latest important developments in the industry.

Home Contents Theft Increase By 10% in Summer

Home contents insurance - watch out for summer theft.

During the summer months theft is up by 10% according to research by Aviva.

Thefts are most likely to occur in July and August as people take a relaxed attitude to home security. Unlocked backdoors, open windows and other simple home security lapses make it more likely for thefts to occur.

From ten years worth of data,Aviva found that the majority of burglaries fall during this time of year where thieves take advantage of the low level security.

As many people jet off on holiday this summer, home security is of even more importance.

"Most homeowners are pretty savvy when it comes to securing their main home while they are away on holiday, but our data shows that thieves are still sneaking in through open windows and unsecured doors, so even if you are just going out for a day trip,don't forget to have a quick look around and check you have shut and locked everything you should,” said Jonathan Cracknell, Aviva.

"It could make the difference from your home being a quick target or being left alone.”

"If you are going away for longer, the key is not to advertise your home is empty, make sure you've brought in the wheelie bins, if you can leave a car in the drive and have some timers set for lights to turn on once it gets dark.”

When travelling away from home for long periods of time it is vital to have adequate travel insurance to protect you, as well as home insurance to protect your home.

Garden theft is also on the rise and is 50% higher during the summer months of July and August compared to the winter.

Theft from outbuildings and sheds can occur with bikes and tools among the top items being taken.