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Students Urged to Compare Insurance for Best Cover

Students keep over

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Students keep over £3.3 billion worth of possessions in their university digs but fail to insure half of it, new research reveals. If you do not have insurance for all your possessions it is advised to compare the market for adequate student insurance cover.

The average student keeps over £2, worth of gadgets and belongings in their rooms but one in three students have no insurance at all for them, a Santander survey showed.

Over £1.7 billion of the total value of undergraduate possessions are not insured, and aside from clothes it is mobile phones and laptops which are the most popular student possession making them easy targets for thieves.

"Students take an increasing number of mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets to university which can be very expensive, yet a large proportion of them still don't take adequate precautions by ensuring their possessions are insured," said Helen Bierton, Santander Current Accounts head.

"Indeed, many assume that they are covered by their parents' home insurance when they move away to university but this isn't always the case and therefore students should check to see exactly what cover they may have."

Almost every student, 99.8 percent, in the UK has a mobile phone and the average value is £152.13, while 94 percent own a laptop or the new iPad valuing at around £515.41.

The research also found that there are around 1.6 million mobile phones, 1.5 million laptops, 1.3 million MP3 players and 1.3 million cameras lying around student floors.

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A worrying four in five students are not fully covered, one in three have no cover at all, and on average only 47 percent of student possessions are insured. As students are notoriously easy targets for thieves, it is highly advised for undergraduates to compare the market and take out cover to protect their belongings.

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