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Top tips for keeping children entertained on long journeys

Driving for long periods of time can sometimes be an enjoyable experience. However, if you have several young and excitable children it could be a completely di

Here are a few top tips for keeping kids entertained on long drives:

Play Games

There are a number of classic car games that can keep children occupied. This may include classic travel games such as I-Spy and 20 questions.

Don't forget that you could also use board games, puzzles, drawing/colouring books to keep them occupied. If you are feeling brave enough, you could let your children near smart devices to play with apps and games online.

Reading material

Older children and teenagers can often find more things to keep themselves amused, such as iPods, magazines and books. It is also a good idea to bring lots of reading material, even for the younger ones so they do not feel left out.

Get creative

Give your children a camera (maybe a disposable one) so they can document their journey and snap things as they pass by. Alternatively, get them to create a scrapbook or diary about the holiday which could include a chapter on the initial journey.

Make it educational

There are a number of games and quizzes, which can be both fun and educational. For example, you could play a game whereby children and adults have to say the name of a capital city for each letter of the alphabet.

Encourage back-seat navigation, whereby children can use and learn to read maps. Youngsters can follow the route and look out for landmarks, as well as learn about distances.

Driving overseas on holiday can be an exciting new adventure for you and your children. It could also be worth noting that children may be happier if they are more comfortable, this would mean making sure they are not cramped and have plenty of space Holiday car rental services could help to find the perfect vehicle for your journey.