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Prepaid Currency Cards Compared

Find out more about the UKs leading prepaid currency cards. Find out which is better in different circumstances, and apply online

Compare Prepaid Currency Cards

Choose from the best prepaid currency cards available in the UK

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Comparative Exchange rates - 13th May 2019

Company US $ Euros
Caxton FX 1.2726 1.1332
FairFx 1.2967 1.1517

Best card?

Fairfax tend to have very slightly better rates but if you are going to want to make a number of ATM withdrawals could be worth considering Caxton, as they do not charge for them in the zone of the currency. (You could still be charged by the bank who owns the cashpoint machine you are using - especially in the US)

Both cards can be used along with a mobile app which allows you to check your balance and top up your card on the go.

If you are going to spend a lot and make frequent withdrawals consider getting both cards, and using whichever offers the best rate on the day!

Company Name Application Fee ATM Usage Fees Monthly or Transaction Fees How can you recharge the card Benefits More information and to apply


INT - 0

If used in zone of card (i)
EU - 0.00
INT - 0.00
Via App
Great Exchange Rate
Fewer ATM fees
No Commission
Mobile App
Use wherever Mastercard accepted
Caxtonfx Card



(if loaded with £200 - otherwise £9.95)
EU - €1.50
INT - $2.00
EU - 0.00
INT - 0.00

If used in zone on card(i)
Credit Card
Debit Card
One of the best Exchange Rates
No Commission
Mobile App
Use wherever Mastercard accepted
Fairfx Card

i. If the Eurocard is used in Eurozone ATMs, or the Dollarcard is used in the USA.

Cards are not just available in Euros or Dollars. Caxton offers currency cards in 15 different currencies. Fairfx has an Everywhere card which can be loaded in GB pounds and then converted to the local currency. Different fees may apply to these cards.

Please do be aware that these cards do not offer the same consumer protection that credit cards do - if the Bank or Building Society that issues the card runs into difficulties your cash could be at risk - however the bank and building society who issue these cards both 'ring fence' any funds held on cards to ensure that even if they got into financial difficulties funds would be available to repay their debts.

We source our data through newspaper best buy tables, information from providers and more importantly from consumers such as yourselves - if you feel you have found a rate or product we should be talking about tell us here.

This content was last reviewed on 14/05/2019