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Annual Provisional Car Insurance Reviews

Car Insurance for Provisional Drivers save money, and are designed with provisional drivers in mind, but there are drawbacks.

Collingwood Annual Car Insurance Policies


Collingwood Annual Provisional Car Insurance is available through the MoneyMaxim comparison service. Find out why its so popular.

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Policies which cover learner drivers but which expire once the test is passed.

These policies can be an ideal way for a learner driver to get some practice in. They allow the learner to either insure their own car, or cover themselves whilst driving a car owned by friends or family.

The downside is that, if you pass your test within 10 or 12 months of taking up a policy, you are unlikely to be able to claim any no claims bonus, but the upside is that premiums tend to be far cheaper.

Do read all the conditions carefully - age of car, age and experience of driver (this policy may not be suitable for someone who has been learning for a number of years), type and value of car may all prohibit you from having a policy.

We find, however, that many love this way of letting learner drivers get some practice in without the expense of a standard learner driver policy.

This content was last reviewed on 16/09/2019

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