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Studying overseas? Find the insurance you need when learning abroad

If your university course includes a year abroad, there is specialist insurance available

student abroad

More and more universities are offering courses which include a placement year overseas. These can offer students the chance to broaden their skills and experience another culture as well as improve their knowledge of a foreign language.

Standard travel insurance is unlikely to cover a full year living in another country without costing the earth. Specialist insurance for study abroad includes not only emergency medical expenses and repatriation but also cover for course and tuition fees should you be affected by illness.

This type of insurance is provided by two of the premier UK student insurers.

Cover4Insurance have 3 levels of cover for their Study Abroad policy, with the Premier Plus version covering up to £2500 worth of personal possessions. Optional insurance can be added for computer equipment and accessories.

The policy already includes cover for over 50 sports and activities but, with many universities now offering sports scholarships, it is possible to extend your policy to include more sports options.

Spending a whole year away from family and friends can be hard for some students. Many longstay travel insurance policies automatically cease when you return home but the Study Abroad Premier Plus Insurance policy allows unlimited trips home to the UK or Ireland.

Endsleigh have 2 levels of cover for their Study Abroad Travel Insurance with a maximum level of £2000 for baggage. There is also the option to cover specified computer equipment and accessories. Some sports are included and Endsleigh can also extend the policy to take into account musical instruments. Both levels offer unlimited trips home (excluding those made as the result of a claim).

Another option, if you are looking for insurance for a long spell of study overseas, is to consider a long stay travel insurance such as that offered by Worldwide Insure. Their policy will cover periods from 3 to 18 months. They offer baggage and medical cover but, as they are not geared towards students, there is no cover for course or tuition fees if you become ill or the course is cancelled. There is, however, the option to add Winter sports with Worldwide Insure - should you be studying anywhere near the mountains!

Image courtesy of: Joshua Earle at Unsplash

This content was last reviewed on 02/08/2017