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Terminal Prognosis Insurance

Travel Insurance for those with a Terminal Prognosis

Find the travel insurance to cover those with a terminal prognosis. Help for those diagnosed with terminal cancer or other illnesses wanting to travel.

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Travel Insurance 4 Medical


Online quotations offering terminal condition cover

Good to Go Travel Insurance
  • Specialist insurance which can cover terminal illnesses
  • Covers wide range of pre existing medical conditions including Mental Health, Severe & Terminal Conditions
  • Cover for those undertaking chemotherapy or radiotherapy


All Clear Travel
  • No age limits
  • Can cover any pre existing medical condition, any age or any destination
  • Can cover those who have a terminal prognosis
  • Enhanced coronavirus cover with gold policies


Finding travel insurance if you have a terminal prognosis shouldn't be made any harder than it needs to be. That's where MoneyMaxim can help.

There are specialist travel insurers who will help you if they possibly can. Hearing that a medical condition has reached the position where it has become terminal does not mean that those suffering are unable to travel. Indeed for some, the drive to visit a long dreamed for destination, or visit family in another country can become extremely powerful.

Find travel insurance covering those with a terminal prognosis

However, finding Travel Insurance covering a terminal illness can become difficult and there are a limited number of insurers who are able to help.

The reasons for this, without wishing to state the obvious, are that there is a higher chance of the holiday being cancelled before the date of travel, due to a deterioration in the insured's condition and an increased risk of a situation occurring whilst abroad. Therefore it tends to be only very specialist insurers who can help, and some may not offer cover in all eventualities (such as cancellation cover).

Tips for finding travel insurance for those who have been terminally diagnosed

It is really important to be totally transparent when looking for travel insurance to cover a terminal health condition. If you do not reveal your full state of health and then make a claim on your insurance at a later date, it could be invalid and you'd be left to cover full medical and repatriation costs back to the UK.

The length of time between the date of purchase of your insurance and the date of your holiday can also be relevant as there is less opportunity for cancellation on medical grounds, and the length of the terminal prognosis will also have a bearing. Some insurers, for instance, will not offer cover if it is less than four months away.

What are the requirements for obtaining travel insurance for those with a terminal illness?

In order to make an accurate assessment of your risk, an insurance company will ask for your medical history in order to tailor the insurance to your specific case.

You are highly unlikely to find cover unless your doctor is able to confirm that they believe you are fit to travel currently, and are likely to be at the time the holiday is planned.

Where can I purchase travel insurance covering a terminal prognosis?

Travel insurance can be purchased through specialist insurers - normal travel insurance companies do not tend to offer cover if a policyholder has already received a terminal prognosis.

This content was last reviewed on 12/08/2022