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Travel Insurance with Tsunami Cover

Travel Insurance - Tsunami Cover

Find insurers that will give you protection should a tsunami occur

Aviva Travel Insurance
  • Single Trip and Annual Policies
  • Options for Winters Sports and Business
  • Upgrade option for Travel Disruption and to cover airport and port closure


Columbus Direct
  • Full range of policies available
  • Volcanic Ash Cover and Emergency Travel Upgrade available with gold policy
  • Includes Airline Failure Protection (on all policies except backpackers)


A Tsunami presents a very specific threat to those who have travel insurance and assume they would be fully covered if caught up in an earthquake-induced tsunami - it is not a weather induced event and therefore many travel insurers will point out that cover under travel delay and abandonment does not come into effect for this reason. However, following the issues travellers faced after the volcanic ash issues a couple of years ago, there are now travel insurers offering specific additional cover.

Those who have suffered an injury as a result of an earthquake-induced incident such as a tsunami would be covered under their medical protection section of their policy, including, if it was required, repatriation. But those who face challenges due to travel disruption, port or airport closures can face additional bills for alternative accommodation to continue their trip or to find another way to get home.

However, there are insurers who do now offer such protection and this can afford great reassurance - particularly after an earthquake has struck, but whilst further tremors and aftershocks are expected.

Insurers who offer additional cover

Columbus Direct Insurance

Columbus offer an add on policy to their gold level insurance called their 'Volcanic Ash and Emergency Travel Upgrade'. This covers situations such as unforeseen strikes by airline/air traffic staff or other major weather or natural disasters which might close an airport (remember though cover would not be extended to events already known about, such as declared events).

The cover, which comes in the form of an upgrade to the gold Columbus policy, provides cover worth up to £1400 if you are prevented from returning home due to an unforeseen reason, and insures policyholders and their families for the extra costs involved of alternative accommodation and / or getting home by alternative route or means. This might involve using an alternative route or possibly a different mode of transport (such as using trains or a series of hire cars if flights are cancelled, or taking a flight if a ferry is cancelled).

To apply obtain a gold insurance quotation and then tick the box requesting 'Volcanic Ash and Emergency Travel Upgrade'.


Aviva offers two upgrade policies - Airspace Closure, and Travel Disruption - which provide additional support in a wide range of instances including tsunamis. More information can be found in our feature on Aviva Travel. Aviva cover those up to 79 years old.

The policies can cover anything from alternative accommodation or transport home to additional cattery or kennel fees.

Aviva sell the upgrades online - click to say that you want their closure of port or airspace option - which means you also get a 10% online discount.

Many travel insurers will not provide cover if you travel against Foreign Office advice.

Always check the terms and conditions of any insurance policy before you purchase. We do endeavour to keep information up to date but policies can change at short notice.

This content was last reviewed on 09/01/2024