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Travel Insurance for Young Travellers

Young travellers insurance policies

Need travel insurance for accompanied or unaccompanied young travellers? - find policies for those under 18, 17, or 16

Insurers offering short term policies for independent young travellers

  • Cover available for children travelling alone
  • Annual policies allow independent travel for under 18s
  • Grandparents & Grandchildren covered under family policy
  • FREE cover for over 120 sporting activities
  • Optional cover for over 2,000 medical conditions


Annual Policies allowing independent travel by Children

Columbus Direct


There is nothing more frustrating than putting a search into Google for children's travel insurance and being presented with a list of companies who cannot help you - so use our shortcut to the companies who really do offer travel insurance for under 18s who are travelling either on their own, independently with a group of friends, or with an accompanying adult.

Getting a good travel policy for your first trip abroad is an essential part of planning that first holiday without the parents. But many comparison sites don't quote for travellers under the age of 18, meaning the search can be more difficult than it should be.

Which companies will cover those 14, 15, 16 or 17?

We have a list of companies to the right who are happy to insure children who are not travelling with their own family. Most of them have slightly different 'rules' when it comes to what type of group of young travellers they will cover, so do read through them and check any policy you are looking at carefully. It's really important that with any policy you not only find a policy that covers young travellers or children, but also one which will insure any medical conditions the younger traveller might have or activities they plan to undertake.

Accompanied or Unaccompanied Travellers?

There are more insurers who are happy to cover children who are accompanied by a responsible adult. Typically that might be a leader of a school party or sports club, or alternatively a friend's parent if a child is holidaying with friends. However, there are also insurers who are quite happy to cover children who are travelling with a group of fellow teenagers, for example after their GCSEs.

Will the premiums be higher for teenagers travelling without their family?

Not normally, and usually travel insurance premiums for young travellers are very affordable. Whilst as parents there is a tendency to assume that risks are higher for this age group the actual situation is that claims made by children travelling without their parents are lower and this is reflected in the premiums.

What else should I be looking out for?

Whilst high value claims (which tend to be medical related) are fewer there is probably a higher potential of losses of mobile phones, iPhones, MP3, iPads, headphones, tablets etc., look at our gadget insurance comparison service for more details on insuring all your gadgets!

This content was last reviewed on 25/10/2017