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Washing Machine Insurance

Appliance Insurance for Washing Machines

Compare appliance insurance for washing machines - cover your appliance against breakdown and accidental damage

Insurers providing washing machine cover

Smart Cover Insurance Washing Machine Cover
  • Washing machine insurance cover
  • No excess fee after the first 45 days
  • Provides cover against breakdown and accidental damage for washing machines
  • Unlimited claims, call outs and technical support
  • UK-wide monitored engineer network
  • Quick claim resolution
  • Smart Cover Insurance can insure multiple appliances, customers are able to have numerous kitchen appliances covered against breakdown and accidental damage


Washing machines are an essential appliance in the home, with hectic schedules and the increasing speed of family life, it is important to many to have reliable appliances. With the whole family’s washing piling up, having a washing machine out of action for even a couple of days can cause unwanted stress to many.

Whilst washing machines generally come with a guarantee of one year you would expect to have it for many more than this. If your appliance breaks down out of the manufacturer’s guarantee, in the second, third or fourth year, you can find a costly repair bill heading your way, a bill many are forced to pay due to washing machines being such an essential part of daily life.

Washing machine insurance is therefore a great way of guaranteeing that should your appliance breakdown you will not be forced to foot a large bill. Insurance can cover breakdown, accidental damage, parts, labour, call out fees, and the cost to replace the appliance. Many also offer payment options of monthly or annual instalments meaning it can be a wallet friendly option whilst providing you with peace of mind.

Various companies now also offer multi-appliance insurance, instead of just insuring your washing machine, you might want to consider other essential appliances such as the fridge, freezer and oven. All of these, and more, could be insured under one policy with the same insurer through monthly instalments or an annual premium. If you have more than a couple of appliances you consider to be essential, a multi-appliance policy may be worthwhile and will provide protection against breakdown and damage.

Smart Cover Insurance

Washing machine insurance cover is offered directly by Smart Cover Insurance. Breakdown and accidental damage to washing machines are covered by this policy. Unlimited claims, call outs and technical support are included within the premium for the insurance. A stand out point of this policy is that 45 days after the insurance start date, you are liable for no excess charge for any claims. Smart Cover Insurance only use trusted nationwide engineers.

Multiple appliances can be insured by Smart Cover Insurance, this will allow customers to have different kitchen appliances all covered by the same company.

This content was last reviewed on 21/04/2023