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Insurance for Convicted Drivers

Compare Cheap Car Insurance for those with Criminal Convictions

Cheap car insurance for drivers with criminal convictions. Use our specialists to search out and compare insurance for drivers who have been convicted.

  • Use the MoneyMaxim service to compare insurance for convicted drivers.
  • Our panel of insurers are specialists in providing car insurance to those who may be considered a higher risk
  • Speak to an agent who will provide a friendly and helpful service.


Adrian Flux Insurance Brokers
  • Specialist car insurer broker for drivers with criminal convictions
  • UK based Customer Advisors with deep industry knowledge
  • Call Adrian Flux for their best rates now on 0800 181 4542 (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-4pm)

Adrian Flux Insurance Brokers

Finding Car Insurance when you have criminal convictions isn't easy.

Is your criminal conviction still holding you back? Most insurers will not touch anyone with an unspent criminal conviction. No further checks about your circumstances, they're just not interested in your business. If you can find someone who will cover you, it's usually prohibitively expensive. We've tracked down brokers who will take the time and effort to give you a fair chance. Use the links we have provided to find car insurance when you have a criminal conviction.

Want to get an immediate quote?

For an immediate quote you can callAdrian Flux on 0800 181 4542. We strongly recommend that you approach this company by phone as they have told us that they offer their best rates over the phone.

Our brokers tell us that fraud, robbery and theft are the most difficult convictions to get cover for. Cover is still possible for most and premiums will reflect the degree of seriousness of the conviction. It's especially important to talk to our brokers so that they can get the full picture.

OR find convicted driver insurance using our specialised team at MoneyMaxim - they deal with drivers with criminal convictions on a regular basis and will look at your application from the perspective of someone who wants to help you find affordable car insurance fast.Contact usfor further assistance and our panel of insurers may be able to help.

Can I get Car Insurance with a Suspended Sentence?

Yes, you certainly can. Your sentence was suspended so there must have been mitigating circumstances or the crime wasn't so serious that a custodial sentence was demanded. Call our brokers - they will take account of the circumstances of your suspended sentence when calculating your individual premium.

Can I get insurance without declaring my conviction?

The answer is NO, unless your conviction is "spent"! Insurance is a contract made under "utmost good faith", so you must declare anything that could affect that. Failure to declare a conviction would invalidate your insurance leading to more trouble.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 outlaws discrimination against ex-offenders. You become an ex-offender when your convictions are "spent". If your conviction is spent you would not need to declare it. The law was designed to help people with few and minor offences. Those with many or more serious offences may never benefit from the Act because they will never be considered rehabilitated under the above Act.

How long before a conviction is "spent"?

It varies according to the offence but as a general rule for people over 18 when convicted:

  • most convictions are spent after five years
  • prison sentences up to six months become spent after seven years
  • prison sentences up to two and a half years become spent after ten years
  • sentence over two and a half years are never spent

More information on this subject can be found on theGovernmentwebsite.

This content was last reviewed on 19/12/2023

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